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Ms. Deacon

Phone: (925) 779-7400; 43400 (voicemail) Please Email to schedule a 1-1 phone conference.


Degrees and Certifications:

-BA International Studies; Humboldt State University -BA Art History; Humboldt State University -MA Curatorial Studies; University of Kent, England -Cert. Fine Art Curation; Humboldt State University -Cert. Multi-Subject Credential; CalStateTEACH East Bay Bell Schedule Monday: Independent Work Time Tuesday/Thursday: 1st: 8:30-9:30 2nd: 10:10-11:10 3rd: 12:20-1:20 Wednesday/Friday 4th:8:30-9:30 5th:10:10-11:10

Ms. Deacon

  • Dear Students and Families, 

    Ms. Deacon and Ms. Martinez here! We are so excited to for our 2020-2021 school year. We have already grown so much as a class and learned new lifelong skills. And, it has only been a couple of weeks! Distance Learning might be a challenge sometimes, but there are struggles faced and overcome while learning in a classroom too. The challenges might be new and different, but we are confident every student has the ability to succeed. We are incredibly impressed with each and every student showing up to virtual class every day, figuring out the login system, and overcoming technology issues. We are grateful to all the families who have patiently aided them in their studies and continue to support them as individuals at home. We are both confident that together we will thrive as a classroom community. 

    As your core subject teachers, we strive to make learning afrustrating as possible. Just kidding! We really are trying to ensure that we are doing everything we possibly can for students and families to have a stress-free online experience. To help alleviate some of those stresses, we have decided to incorporate as many similar classroom procedures as possible into our classes. In the short PowerPoint below, you will find some information on common practices in both our digital classrooms. This includes the programs students use, our assignments (when possible), and our grading policies.  

    As students have discovered, live meetings, assignments, and general classroom information is on Teams. However, progress reports and final grades are published on Aeries. Aeries is a great tool for families and students to track their grades in class, and there is an App! During registration families were given a unique verification code to access Aeries for the first time. If you need your code, please contact one of your teachers.  

    Ms. Deacon & Ms. Martinez