• English Learner Advisory Committee

    TUE - Bylaws - Clipart  

    Article I.          Name
    The name of this organization shall be the Turner English Learner Advisory Committee.

    Article II.        Purpose
    The purpose of the committee shall be to advise the principal and staff on programs and services to English Learners, specifically:

    1. Advise the principal and staff on development of a detailed plan for English Learner education for the individual school.
    2. Assist in the development of the school’s needs assessment.
    3. Assist in the administration of the school’s language census.
    4. Assist in finding ways to make parents aware of the importance of regular school attendance.

    Article III.       Membership
    Section 1.         Composition of committee and mode of selection:

                            ELAC members shall be composed of parents/guardians of English Learners, other parents/guardians from the school and staff members. Law requires that only parents/guardians of English Learners elect the parent/guardian members of the ELAC. There is no requirement that parents of other students must serve on the committee, only that they be afforded the opportunity to serve, if elected by parents of English Learners.

                            The ELAC will be composed of 6 members. The percentage of parents/guardians of English Learners serving on the ELAC must be at least the same as the percentage of English Learners in the school.

    • 4 - Parents/Guardians of English Learners in the school.
    • 0 -Parents/Guardians of other students in the school, if elected by parents/guardians of English Learners in the school; and
    • Principal or designee;
    • Note: Other school staff members may be appointed to serve on the ELAC, if space is available.

                            Election of members for the ensuing school year shall take place prior to October 15th. Notice of the election shall be sent to all parents and shall be publicized in the community.

    Section 2.         Term of Membership:

    All committee members shall serve for a two year term.

    At the end of each representative member’s term, membership terminates. In order to continue to serve as an ELAC member, the member must be re-elected.

    Section 3.         Voting Rights:

    Each member shall be entitled to one vote and may cast that vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the committee.  Proxy voting and absentee ballots are not permitted unless the bylaws are amended to permit them.

    Section 4.         Termination of Membership:

    A member shall no longer hold membership should he/she cease to reside or work in the school area or otherwise terminate his/her relationship with the group or organization to which he/she was selected to represent.  Membership shall automatically terminate for a member who is absent from three consecutive regular meetings.

    Section 5.         Transfer of Membership:

    Membership in the committee is not transferable or assignable.

    Section 6.         Alternates:

    A committee member may send an approved alternate.  An alternate shall have voting power for that meeting, when acting in place of the regular member, and the presence of an alternate shall not relieve a member from the effect of Section 4 of this Article.

    Section 7.         Resignation:

                            Any member may resign by submitting a written resignation.

    Section 8.         Vacancy:

    Any vacancy on the committee shall be filled for the remainder of the un-expired term by majority vote of the council from the alternate list, if available, or from the general parent population.

    Section 9.         Election to Membership:

    Election of teachers, parents, or students for the ensuing school year shall take place prior to October 15th.  Notice of the meeting shall be sent to all parents and shall be publicized in the community.

    Article IV.       Officers
    The officers of the committee shall consist of a president, vice-president, and secretary.  The president shall be a parent representative.  Officers shall be elected by the committee on an annual basis and shall be members of the committee.

    Article V.        Duties of Officers
    The president shall preside at all meetings of the committee, shall be an ex-officio member of all subcommittees, and shall appoint special committees.

    The vice-president shall assist the president and shall perform the duties of the president in the absence of the president.

    The secretary handles the correspondence and attendance of the committee.

    The DELAC representative shall attend all DELAC meetings to bring information to the DELAC and from the DELAC to the ELAC.

    *If the ELAC responsibilities have been delegated to the SSC, the SSC is responsible to assign a member as the DELAC representative.

    Article VI.       Subcommittees
    Subcommittees shall be appointed as required to promote the objectives of the advisory committee

    Article VII.     Meetings
    Section 1.         A minimum of three regular meetings shall be held during the school year.  The date, time, and place of the meetings shall be decided by the committee.

    Section 2.         Special meetings may be called by the committee chairperson or by a majority of the committee members.

    Section 3.         Notification of all regular and special meetings shall be duly publicized not less than five days prior to the meeting.

    Section 4.         All meetings shall be open to the public.

    Section 5.         A quorum shall consist of 51 percent of the elected committee members.

    Article VIII.    Parliamentary Authority
    Robert’s Rules of Order (Revised) shall govern the committee in all matters of parliamentary procedure.

    Article IX.       Amendments
    These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the committee by a two-thirds vote, provided such amendments are submitted by mail to the membership one week prior to the meeting.

    Article X.        Ratification
    The bylaws shall be in effect when adopted by a two-thirds vote of the advisory committee.