• Teaching Remotely and Virtually is a Walk in the Park...if that Park is Jurassic Park

    We realize we all have different levels of comfort and experience when it comes to technology, and teaching remotely is new to us all.

    Our goal is to make our training page useful and supportive of your efforts. We plan to routinely add content and resources based on requests, feedback and our observations of needs.  Please come back to the page throughout our distance learning program for new updates!

    The information we have provided below are various resources available to you to support your distance learning plan efforts-although we encourage the use of programs such as Blackboard and Microsoft Teams as they are district approved and supported, we recognize that you may have other platforms you are already using with your students.  

  • Training Videos and Resources

     We have provided a handful of video tutorials to support your initial entry into developing your distance learning platform.  These videos are available for viewing 24 hours a day.

  • Online Learning Resources

    We have also included a depository of online learning resources to support teachers in their lesson development for both elementary and secondary settings.  Each resource listed has been vetted, is free for use and requires no sign in or subscription. We hope these resources are helpful in your planning efforts.

Child on computer