• SeeSaw is a digital learning platform utilized by our K-3 students. Students use built in tools to engage in learning and demonstrate their skills in a digital portfolio. Teachers are able to provide specific and authentic feedback to improve student learning and engage families throughout the process. This is a powerful learning platform for students, teachers, and families. 

How do I sign in as a student?

  • Initial SeeSaw Login: USE MyLocker

    • Log into MyLocker at 
    • Once you have logged in, select the SeeSaw app in MyLocker. 
    • Use your student email: to log in. 
      • Once you have completed your initial login to SeeSaw, you will be able to use MyLocker to automatically sign in.  

    Login to apps: USE a Class Code

    • Download the SeeSaw app onto your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 
      • You can also access your class through a web browser using the link above. 
    • Your teacher can provide a class code or a QR code to enter, which will link to your SeeSaw class.
      • To use the QR code select "I'm a student" and use the camera on your device to scan the code. 

How do I sign in as a parent or family member?

  • To sign in as a parent/family member you can access your child's SeeSaw class through a web browser (use the link above) or the SeeSaw Parent and Family App on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.  

    If the teacher has provided you with a QR Code:

    • Open the SeeSaw Parent and Family app. 
    • Select "Create Family Account"
    • Use the camera to scan the QR Code. 
    • Select "Create an Account" and complete the information. 

    If the teacher invites you to the class with a link through text or email:

    • Click on the link 
    • Select "Create Account" and complete the information.