High School Pathways & Academy Lottery Information

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  • Middle School is an exciting time for students as we provide a variety of elective classes, rigorous course work, and college/career guidance. All middle school students will have access to Schoolinks, a college and career exploration app. The app is available in your student’s AUSD MyLocker http://mylocker.antiochschools.net/. Parent(s) can be added to the Schoolinks app so that college and career goals can be shared. Schoolinks offers interest inventories, career info, virtual college tours, and goal-setting tools.

    All current AUSD 8th grade students will be selecting a high school program through the Aeries Portal. Students will receive information in their classes about the various programs. During the month of October, students will be selecting their desired High School Program in their advisory class. As your student begins to explore the variety of programs we want to encourage parents to visit our website www.antiochschools.net/pathways and view our informational video*: (please feel free to turn on the captions button – a variety of languages are available for closed captioning).

    Families will have access to view students’ selections and make desired changes in the Aeries Parent Portal from October 10th through December 2nd. High School Program selection application is due by December 2nd using your Aeries Portal. For information on creating or accessing your Aeries Portal please visit https://www.antiochschools.net/Page/10734.

    Email questions to: PathwayLottery@antiochschools.net 

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  • It’s time to think about the right high school option for your student!  We want to share information to help you decide which site would be the best fit. This page will be your reference for important announcements, deadlines, forms and links. 


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Pathway General Information Session Recording

  • Watch the video of the Antioch Unified School District program options, dedicated to providing 8th-grade students and their families information on the High School Educational Programs and Career Technical Programs offered by Antioch Unified School District.  


  • You're Going to High School Pamphlet

    Folleto de vas a la escuela secundaria

    Links to online applications will be available in Aeries  / General Information / Aeries Parent Portal (antiochschools.net)

    What is Aeries? It is an online program for students, teachers, and parents to access information about attendance and grades. What are some features of a parent portal? (The features are the same on student portals).

    • Online grade books: Every parent can view their child’s progress for each class they are enrolled in. This includes checking test scores, late classwork assignments, standardized test scores, class schedules, and the overall score in the class.

    • Attendance: Weekly and monthly attendance breakdowns will show how often your child is absent or tardy to school.

    • Families: Parents with multiple children in different schools can access all their children's information from one location.

    • Student Backpack: This feature allows assignments that have been posted by the teacher to be downloaded directly to your portal. Students can also upload their work directly to the teacher.

    • Student Information: Access your child’s transcripts and update your contact information.

    How can I set up a parent portal account?

    1. Obtain your Verification Code from your school’s main office.

    2. Type in the web address, https://antiochusd.asp.aeries.net/student. Click on "Create New Account".

    3. “Step 1” Click the button to indicate whether you are a parent or a student. Click next.

    4. “Step 2” You will need a valid email address. Please enter your email address twice. Enter a password twice. You must remember your password. Click next. This will generate a message from Aeries to your email account.

    5. Stop. Check your email. You should have a message from Aeries Support. Click on the blue link "Confirm this Email Address" located in the center of the email.

    6. This will take you to the “Final Step” window. Click on "Return to Login Page" in the middle of the window. Enter your email address and password.

    7. Once successfully logged in you must tie your email to a particular student. You will need to enter your Student ID number, telephone number, and Verification Code.

    8. Once all the correct data is entered, click next.

    9. Explore your new portal.

    10. If you have multiple children enrolled, log into the Parent Portal account that has already been created. Click on the student's name in the upper right-hand corner. Click on "Add Additional Student." Follow the process for adding a student to your account.

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    Things to consider are how much travel time it takes from your residence to your student's selected school, cost of public transportation and your family's commute pattern.  The Antioch School District does not provide transportation to or from school. It is each family's responsibility to ensure their students arrive at school on time and can get home each afternoon. 

    Please note that driving times across Antioch may be as long as 30 minutes at school start and end times and that public transportaton may take more than an hour each way at a cost of as much as $4.00 each day.

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    The following questions are helpful to consider and discuss as families & students make decisions about which high school and program best fit their goals, needs, and plans.

    • What interests you?
    • What do you like to do?
    • What do you want to be? 
    • Are you creative?
    • Do you like to design, fix, grow, or make things? 
    • Are you a people person?
    • Do you like to help others or find satisfaction in providing service? 
    • Are you a manager?
    • Do like to keep a budget, develop plans, or keep track of things? 
    • What kind of education and training do you want after high school? 
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    Each high school offers students a comprehensive program of study preparing them for College, Career, and Life. Among the required courses for graduation are many of those needed for admission to college. In addition, each high school offers a number of “Linked Learning Academies” which provide students the opportunity to focus their learning around a career theme linked to training and jobs in our area. As your family prepares for the move from middle school to high school, we encourage you to discuss future career interests and education with your student. Your family is best equipped to decided which “Linked Learning Academy” theme best fits your student’s interests, educational plans, and career goals, as well as daily logistics for ensuring they are able to fully access the programs and services offered.

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    • Academy selection is by application only. If needed, a lottery will be held to determine academy admission.
    • The Lottery is scheduled for Friday, January 27, 2023. Based on the number of applicants, if a Lottery is not needed, all students will be placed in their first choice of Academy.
    • Academy placement letters will be mailed and emailed in January to all applicants.


    • I am ready to complete my application, What information do I need?
      • You will need to access the request in Aeries
    • Where can I find the lottery application?
    • Where do I submit completed applications?
    • Can I make a change to my application?
      • Application changes may be made through the AERIES portal until the deadline of December 2, 2022 at 4 pm. For change requests after the deadline, please email your Antioch Unified School District Middle School Counselor or send a request to PathwayLottery@antiochschools.net
      • Change request forms will be due Friday January 20th. Hard copies are available in the middle school offices. Link to online change form Academy Change Request Form. Completed change forms can be submitted to your student's Middle School Counselor or e-mailed to PathwayLottery@antiochschools.net
    • My student is not a current AUSD student, Can I apply for the lottery?
      • For students from outside the AUSD, paper applications must be submitted to the AUSD District Office or emailed to PathwayLottery@antiochschools.net 
      • You will also need to submit an Interdistrict transfer request prior to enrollment if your student resides outside of the Antioch Unified School District
      • All students not currently enrolled at an AUSD school, must complete the enrollment process. Instructions and paperwork to enroll your students can be found at AUSD Enrollment