Personnel Commission

  • Personnel Commissioners

    Diane Ahlborn, CSEA Appointee

    Diane Ahlborn, CSEA Appointee
    Mrs. Ahlborn has been on the Personnel Commission since 2009.  She worked over 20 years for the Antioch Unified School District, beginning at Park Junior High in 1987, & ending at Antioch High School.  While with the district she was active in the union holding more than one position on the board, Secretary & CEPRO.  She resigned in 2009 to accept a position at Los Medanos College.  Mrs. Ahlborn has lived in the Antioch/Pittsburg area for over 50 years.  She has been married to her wonderful husband, Ed,  for over 35 years and they have two adult children.

    Toy Carli

    Toy Pigati, Joint Appointee

    Ms. Pigati was first appointed to the Personnel Commission in 2007.  She retired from the Antioch Unified School District in 2004 after 27 years of service at the district office level.  She has a son and daughter-in-law, and twin granddaughters.  Aside from caring for her granddaughters during the work week, Ms. Pigati is a member of P.E.O. which is a philanthropic educational organization dedicated to the advancement of women through scholarships, grants, awards, and loans.

    Mary Rocha

    Mary Helen Rocha, District Appointee

    Ms. Rocha has over 44 years in public service, with 16 of those years serving as a board trustee for the Antioch Unified School District.  She is familiar with the policies, procedures and budgets for the school district, as well as personnel commission rules, and regulations.  Ms. Rocha believes in the underlying philosophy of the merit system to include providing the best qualified candidates for employment in a timely and efficient manner to support the District’s goal to advance student achievement.

    About The Merit System

    Very simply, the merit system is a method of personnel management which is designed to promote the efficiency and economy of the workforce and the good of the public by providing for the selection and retention of employees, promotional opportunities, in-service training, and other related matters, on the basis of merit, fitness and the principle of "like pay for like work."  

    • There are nearly 100 merit system school districts in California.
    • Merit system school districts employ almost 70 percent of the total classified school employees in California.
    • Click here for Merit System Information Flyer.
  • Personnel Commission Goals

    Please click to see the published GOALS of the AUSD Personnel Commission.

  • Personnel Commission Rules

    Please click on the blue link for the Personnel Commission Rules. You may access any chapter in this document from the Table of Contents and it is a fully searchable PDF document. The information in this document is effective August 29, 2012 and will be updated as needed by the Personnel Commission.