Federal Immigration Enforcement Communications Guidelines and Procedures

  • Federal Immigration Officials on Campus

    The actual and perceived threats of immigration enforcement proceedings against undocumented students and their families could adversely affect students’ sense of well-being and ability to learn. Therefore, the District has developed the following guidelines for all District faculty, staff, administrators, and students to follow should federal immigration enforcement officials, such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, seek access to District facilities or request student records/information.

     If a federal immigration official requests access to:

    • a school or District facility,
    • school or District records,
    • or student information

    or if you have concerns about the presence of a federal immigration official on campus:

    1. Stay calm.
    2. Request the official’s name, identification number, and agency affiliation.
    3. Ask for a copy of the warrant or court order.
    4. Inform the officer you are not impeding the agency’s process, but simply adhering to established District protocol to address such requests.
    5. Contact a District administrator.

    The District administrator will work with the District’s legal counsel to make a final determination as to whether the request for such access is lawful and will respond accordingly.

     If a federal immigration enforcement official refuses to follow the protocol, do not confront the federal official yourself. Instead, call a District administrator immediately.

     Special Requirements for International Students

    Districts are required to exchange data with federal immigration agencies (including the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] and ICE) on the status of international students on F-1, J-1, or M visas.  The Family Educational Rights Privacy ACT (FERPA) permits educational agencies to comply with information requests from DHS regarding international students. However, this does NOT create a blanket waiver of an international student’s FERPA rights. The information that can be disclosed is limited to DHS regulations. Other information about international students is entitle to the same FERPA protections that otherwise govern student records.

    Note: AB 540 and DACA students are NOT categorized as international students and therefore not subject to these special rules.