• Formative vs. Summative Clipart

    Formative and Summative assessments are used from classroom to state testing as one way to measure student progress and learning.

  • CAASPP State Testing Clipart

    What is it?  Computerized testing in English, Math, and Science.

    When is it?  The end of the school year, typically after spring break.

    Who tests?  Students in 3rd-8th grade, and 11th grade.

    WHY?  A SUMMATIVE test for the state to accumulate data about student learning and growth.

  • District Testing Clipart



    What is it? An online diagnostic testing program for English and Math.

    When is it? Testing will happen 3 times during the year.

    Who tests? Everyone K-12.

    WHY? A FORMATIVE assessment that is used to plan instruction in the classroom and expose students to testing that is similar to the state's CAASPP test.

  • Classroom Testing

    What is it? Paper based or computerized testing given by a specific teacher.

    When is it?  Occurs formally an informally everyday.

    Who tests?  Every student.

    WHY? To help teachers adjust their teaching practice to accommodate the learning of their students in the moment.  They can be FORMATIVE or SUMMATIVE.