• What is the After School Safety and Education for Teens (ASSETs) Program?

    ASSETs is designed to provide expanded learning opportunities for high school students outside of the regular school day (California Education Code [EC] sections 8420–8428).  Schools that are awarded the ASSETs grant partner with community organizations or individuals to provide academic assistance, educational enrichment, and family literacy services.

    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 funds the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant which, in turn, provides funding for the ASSETs program.

    Which schools offer the  ASSETs Program?

    Antioch High School was awarded the ASSETs grant for 2018 through 2023.  The ASSETs program at Antioch High is commonly known as ‘Club ROAR!’

    What does the program offer?

    Club ROAR! offers a variety of programs and activities every school day.  Tutors are available in the library to provide homework help every school day, and Club Fit is also open daily.  The credit recovery program is open Monday through Thursday, and many other groups meet weekly.  There are seasonal programs, such as Hoop Dreams (basketball) and Open Field (soccer).  Adulting 101 and the ASAHi activities are just two examples of the many different options available to students.  Club ROAR! also offers special events and special courses throughout the year.

    Please check the Antioch High School web site for the most up-to-date edition of the weekly calendar or events.

    Link to Club ROAR!


    When is the program offered?

    The program operates every school day, beginning immediately after the last bell until 6:00 PM.   Certain activities or programs may operate on additional days or times, such as Saturday mornings.  The program is closed on non-school days. 

    Who is eligible to participate?

    Every student at Antioch High School is invited to participate in any of the activities and programs offered by Club ROAR!