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  • Finding an anchoring phenomena for a unit can sometimes be challenging.  Below is a list of sites that catalog different types of phenomena and correlate it back to a DCI. 

    • NGSS phenomena has interesting pictures and GIFS that can make great discussion points within a lesson.
    • The Wonder of Science and Project Phenomena have more resources and links to other websites to help supplement a lesson.


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  • SEPUP has been working with our district to help plan and implement NGSS into our classrooms.  The link below takes you to all the resources they have ever shared with us over the last two years.

  • Included below is a link to the evidence statements.  Theey are one of my favorite resources from the NGSS website, since they give more specific details within a Performance Expectation.

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ngss lesson ideas
  • Here is a small assortment of sites that range from lesson plan databases, to video content, current science articles, and real life science projects.  They have K-12 content, so click one and explore!