social, emotional, mental health.
  • Social and Emotional Health

    School sites employ a variety of strategies and interventions to help students cope with emotions, stress, and anxiety at school.  Some of the programs currently used througout the district are:

  • Mindfulness Clipart

    Uses research-based and culturally relevant school-based intervention programs to guide students to make positive life choices both at school and in their community.

  • ToolBox Kit 1 Clipart

    K-6 program that supports children in understanding and managing their own emotional social and academic success.

  • Restorative Practice Clipart

    Program that uses the school community to mediate and strengthen relationships between students in conflict. 

     PBIS - Clipart

    A multi-tiered support system that focuses on reinforcing positive behaviors in school to improve social and emotional outcomes for all students.

  • Mental Health and Wellness

    As part of our LCAP, the district is committed to providing training for teachers to help students and promote a balanced and safe school environment.  We have partnered with organizations within the community to provide training centered around trauma informed care and, at some sites, clinicians to provide counseling.