Bidwell's Attendance Policies

  • Every day counts!

    Absence Line - 925-779-7520

    When you are absent from school, the following is required: 

         1.  A parent/guardian must call the school's Absence Line (shown above) on the day you are absent or within 48 hours.  This is a 24-hour line, so you may leave a voice message before or after school hours.  Make sure to speak slowly and clearly stating your student's first and last name, the date and reason for the student's absence, your name and your phone number.  Office staff will be able to take your call between 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  You have 48 hours in which to clear an absence.  

         2.  If we do not receive a phone call from your parent/guardian, a note is expected from them on the day you return to school.  If a call or note is not received from a parent/guardian, the absence is unexcused and you may not make up the class work.  If the absence is excused, the student must make an appointment with the teacher to make up any missed assignments.  Any unexcused absence will result in a loss of productive hours.  

         3.  If your parent/guardian has called or sent a note to verify that you were absent because of one of these State Approved reasons, the absence will be excused:

    • illness, medical appointment, quarantine, court appearance or death of an immediate family member.

    Tardies are not excused unless written documentation from a doctor, dentist or court paperwork is received in the attendance office.  

         4.  When a student has received 14 illness absences (excused), only a note from their doctor or dentist can excuse further absences otherwise the absence is unexcused and the student is considered truant.  

         5.  Parents/guardians will be notified if their student becomes ill and needs to go home.  Students will check out through the office and be given an off-campus pass after authorization is given to either: (1) Parent/Guardian or (2) Emergency contact, if parent is unavailable.  Once a student has entered the Bidwell campus, they can not leave until their day is done.  If a student leaves campus without permission, it is considered a cut and loss of productive hours for the remainder of their day.