After School Enrichment Programs

    FIRST Robotics Club (Wednesdays after school room 502 - Palmer)
    Planetarium (See Schedule at right- Room 511 - Adkins)
    Research Enrichment (Fridays after school room 511 Adkins)
    X-class Drone Racing (Fridays after school room 511 Moats)

    Click on "Awards" at right to see a list of 2018 ACE graduates!

     ACE Graduates 2018

    Mr. Kuntz retired this year.  In honor of his many years of service we present one of the many accidents he suffered while teaching here.


    Mr Kuntz with his freaking hand on fire  

    "We choose to go to moon and these other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard." - John F. Kennedy

    NEW: We are offering AP Capstone classes (AP Seminar and AP Research).  Click on General studies to learn more. 


    ACE’s Mission is to 

    • make students college and career ready by providing pathways and opportunities for students to investigate and explore their field of study. 
    • mentor our students to make informed decisions regarding their future. 
    • give our students opportunities to become independent, creative, self-motivated, life-long learners and critical thinkers.

    ACE Showcase Form  Use to enter the showcase to meet your public project requirement.  Forms due May 1. Showcase is May 17.

    ACE Graduation Form  Use to get an ACE staffer to sign off on your curriculum and coursework.  Used to determine eligibility for a certificate and stole upon graduation.  Due May 18 (after Showcase).

    Pathways within ACE

    General Studies

    A collection of major areas of interest such as Astronomy, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, English and others.  Students will study a wide variety of subjects. Astronomy is articulated and available for dual-enrollment with LMC. 


    A Project Lead The Way program to prepare students pursue a variety of medical careers. 

    Robotics Pathway

    A Specialized Secondary Program sponsored by the California Department of Education.  Students will study the fundamentals of robotics by using engineering and electronics principles.

    Visual Arts

    A sequence of classes for students interested in creative visual art such as digital art, digital photography, painting, drawing, and sculpting.



    A two-year sequence in auto repair articulated with the Los Medanos College Auto Repair Program (New!)





    • Adkins  (Lead Teacher)

      • Research Enrichment (Research Project Support) and ACE Support Fridays after school
      • MESA program (Thursdays after school)
      • Lead Teacher (ask me when you don't know who to ask)
    • Balasoto

      • MI teacher
      • consult with students about science projects
    • Bellizzi

      • Tutoring
    • Broussard

      • Turtoring
    • Corning

      • HBS Teacher
      • available to sponsor projects
      • BioMed
    • Duryea

    • Hurtado

    • Looney-Whitney

      • Tutoring
      • Fundraising
      • Drawing Skeletal Parts
    • Marchetti

      • Advise Senior Art Projects
      • fundraising
      • Visual Arts Advisor
    • Martin

      • Investigate coding possiblities for students
    • McClain

      • Tutoring
      • Attending events
      • Sponsoring student proejcts
      • Advise/Consult on projects
      • Fundraising
    • Miller

      • Tutoring
    • Moats
      • X-Class Drone Racing Coach
      • Psychology/Social Science advisor
      • Research advisor
    • Osterholt (Vice Principal)

    • Palmer

      • FIRST Robotics Competition
      • Fundraising
      • Computer Science Advisor
      • Robotics Pathway Advisor
    • Peters

    • Roberts

    • Segale
      • After School Tutoring
    • Tate

    • Torres

    • Wade

    • Wilson A

    • Wilson P

      • Math tutoring
      • Attending events
    • Woodall (Counselor)

    • Wurst
      • Assist with projects
      • Photography