Business Technology Academy
  • 2019 California Partnership Academies Distinguished Academy

  • Our Vision:

    To ensure students are educated for the jobs of the 21st century through work based learning projects and simulations, access to technology, and the development of professional characteristics.

  • Our Mission:

    The mission of the Business Technology Academy is to promote learning relevant to both a technical and academic education.  It also further develops the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will enable students to be successful in school and beyond.

  • The Den

    The Den is a student run store on campus by the Marketing class. 

    Profits from the Den are then turned in to scholarships for Business Tech students who successfully complete our program and meet the GPA requirements.

    In 2018 we gave out $5,000 in scholarships to our studnets and in 2019 we set aside another $4,000 in scholarship funds.

  • VE

    Virtual Enterprise is our capstone course for the Business Technology Academy. Students who take the class are able to compete in State and National Competitions and is a great way to build a resume for work or to make yourself standout when applying for colleges.

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