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Media Tech's Mission

  • The mission of AHS Media Tech is to provide an environment in which all individuals in Antioch are empowered to become life-long learners and effective creators and users of information, ideas, and technology.

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    Vice Principal

  • Marlo Sanchez--Media Tech Senior Counselor

  • Visual Art / Graphic Design /    e-Gaming / Videography

  • mcc
    Mr. McCutchen
    WebMedia II & III -- AP Computer Science A

  • English 9 CP  &  AVID

  • Mr. Billeci--English 10CP

  • English 11 CP/English 12 ERWC
    AP Language/Composition

  • escobar
    Chemistry CP/ Biology CP

  • Algebra I

  • World History CP/ US History CP

  • Ms. Brown--Digital Art

  • Mr. Taylor--History & Government

  • Pam Swicegood--English 11, Creative Writing & Poetry


Web and Social Media Fast Facts


Clocked In with the Press

  • Last week several of my creative writing students (Lydia Lua, Morgan Binion, Collin Scarzella, Stacey Lozano, and Herminio Delgado) who were featured in The Pantheon and in the AHS Poetry Reading, participated in a podcast called “Clocked In with the Press,” through the Brentwood Press and Publishing. They each read a poem and spoke about writing, and they had a great time!  Just wanted to send you a link to the podcast episode.

    podcast crew

students in broadcasting
  • Multi-Media Animation

    In Multimedia, students spend 9 weeks learning the ins and outs of Adobe Animate. Their final project is a production of a 35 second animation in story form. Each of their animations consists of up to 1000 frames of original graphics. Using the tools in Adobe Animate, students are able to bring computer graphics to life.

  • Multimedia Web-Design 2020/21

    Students learn to create web pages with HTML and CSS. After learning advanced HTML and CSS. Students begin to build responsive and interactive websites that incorporate PhotoShop and Animation projects. The following links are student samples: 

    Jesse Bettencourt

    Savannah Cowan

    Angel Delgado


  • Game Design

    This game referred below through the link was created by Jes. He was very passionate about programming and Computer Science, using JavaScript for all of the Objects and the HTML canvas for drawing the whole game. Using a ridiculous amount of functions, objects, object properties, and constructors, he was happy about what he had been able to make. 

    For this game, you are able to use the Arrow Keys for movementSpace to shoot, and hold Shift to slow down. Defeat all of the enemies while dodging many bullets, grazing the bullets for more points, and get a high score!

    Space Game in JavaScript

    The breakout game was coded by senior Kevin Chandra after completing the CodeHS course "Game Design with JavaScript."  Click on the link below, then click the "run" button at the top to play.


  • Multimedia-PhotoShop

    For 9 weeks, students learn about digital photography and use editing software such as Adobe PhotoShop. At the end of the unit, student create a digital project showcasing their photo-taking skills and PhotoShop editing skills. Here are some samples of student work.

    Michael C.
    Michael G.


  • Computer Science

    In Computer Science, students learn to create JavaScript API's using the App Studio in The following are some sample projects created by students. Feel free to click on the links and play with the application.

    Soduko App Game
    Branches of Government