• Dozier-Libbey Medical High School Athletes

    Dozier-Libbey students have the opportunity to compete in athletics at their school of residence, either Deer Valley High School or Antioch High School.  The front office can assist you in determining your school of residence.  



    Panther Logo Steve Sanchez, Athletic Director for Antioch High School

                                        925-779-7550 ext. 60111 or SteveSanchez@antiochschools.net

    DV Logo      Scott Allen, Athletic Director for Deer Valley High School

                                      925-779-7571 ext. 70074 or ScottAllen@antiochschools.net


                                      Dan Peters, Athletic Director for Deer Valley High School

                                      925-779-7571 ext.70074 or DanPeters@antiochschools.net


    Rules for Participation in Sports Teams

    C.I.F. Eligibility Rules (ALL C.I.F. rules apply):

    • No student who has had his/her 19th birthday PRIOR to June 15 shall participate on a team the following school year.

    • No student shall participate in any sport unless he/she passes a physical examination and has insurance and parental permission.   

    • General School Rules:

    • A 2.0 grade point average is required each grading period (first quarter, first semester, third quarter, and second
    • semester) for any student to be eligible to participate in sports. A student may not receive more than one “F” grade during the grading period being used for eligibility.

    C.I.F. Eligibility Rules (continued):

    • A student who has been dropped from a squad because of inability or injury may go out for another sport.

    • No student shall be permitted to participate in any sport if he/she is indebted to the school.

    • Students shall lose the privilege of participating in sports if they fail to maintain satisfactory citizenship per the school Code of Conduct.

    • The principal/designee will make final decisions on any exceptions to the above rules.

    • All team uniforms must be turned in to the team coach at the end of the sports season, or a fine will be assessed to cover the cost of a replacement uniform.

     DLM Sports

    Try Outs

    The following forms may be picked up at the DLMHS front office, the P.E. offices or from the Athletic Directors at AHS or DVHS. All completed forms must be turned in before you may try out for a team. 

    • Parent consent form

    • Insurance waiver

    • Physical from a physician

    • Potential Risk Form


    NCAA Requirements

    All prospective student/athletes entering a collegiate institution on or after August 1, 1998, who want to play in NCAA, Division I or Division II, in collegiate athletics must file their transcripts with the NCAA Clearinghouse. It is the student’s responsibility to request the necessary forms from their coach or athletic director to file and ensure all requirements are met in filing. The school has no responsibility to ensure the procedure is followed.