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7th Grade History

Digital Office Hours: 8:30am-9:30am 


Grading is complete as of right now. PLEASE check aeries.  If there is something you want to make up please email it to me directly. That way I will have a notification when you turn it in.  I wont be opening up the Aeries drop box or exteding a due date.  If you think something is wrong with your grade please let me know.  However I will be giving back my District lap top on Wednesday or Thursday, and then I may not be able to make any changes after that.  

Some students who went to the office for printed materials returned their work but some of those assignments I recieved seemed to be 8th grade content. Im not sure what happened.

Last week it was made clear during a staff meeting that we are not inputting grades in the middle school.  This includes our Pass or Credit system I described on 5/4.

What I believe is going to happen is that you will recieve the same grade you got for 3rd quarter.  That is what we were initially told at the start of this, but then we were told about the P and CR and thats what I relayed to you.  Realising that the hard work many of you went through wont be reflected was truly a bummer for me, but please keep in mind that if you kept up and honestly did the work, that you got to access the same amount of material as my students did last year, who were in class all year.  Be proud about that.  That through this, at least you still recieved your History lessons. 

It was personally important to me that we got to the Atlantic Slave Trade lesson, for it is the beginning of the History that informs us of the events our nation is going through right at this very moment. Knowing your seventh grade history will make your next year as eighth graders even more informed.  In eighth grade you learn American History, and you will be learning that during an election year, during a pandemic, and during cultural unrest and change.  You'll never forget this moment in your life, and I hope to be part of that discussion with you.



The Final assignmnet is up on Aeries.  Unfortunatly I cannot upload anything new to this website. I've contacted the AUSD help desk to try to fix the issue.  Please access the assignmnet on Aeries.  The section is on the Atlantic Slave Trade.  This will be important to understand as it explains what it was, how it worked, and will set up important topics and discussions when you study US History in 8th grade.  

5/25/20 - I forgot to scan page 362 in the readings for An Expanding World.  If you were using the scans to read the book pages please download it off of aeries as right now there seems to be problem uploading files to my assignments page.  Or email me and I'll send it to you.  The online history book of course, has this page.  


5/24/20 - I did extend the Aeries drop box due date for Legacy in the Arts and Sciences, Protests Against the Church, and Conflict in the Church till tomorrow. If you'd like to Upload a Word or PDF File or a Photo of paper with your answers on them you can.

Point value for the last two assignments you were given is now 7 points instead of 5 due to the increase in questions in those two assignments.  

Our final assignmnet will be uploaded Tuesday.    

I want to thank you for participating in our Distance Learning.  It was far from ideal, but I hope that those of you who interacted with the work, even if I couldn't open your .pages files, will get to go into the eighth grade ready to continue sampling History through the focus of the United States, which will be influenced by the last few big ideas we've been studying.  Thank you.


5/21/20 - European History Basic Summary Video Lesson, Use your AUSD Student account to access. 

European History Review Video Lesson


5/19/20: Week 7 Assignments will be posted tomorrow morning.

Current and remaining assignments will not be given an extended due date. If you finish an assignment that was already due please email it to me.   

5/16/20 Here is a video I found on YouTube that shows you how to export your work as a Word file (.docx) when using the apple program called Pages.

It's as easy as saving a file. This is a two minute video but all you need to know is covered in the first minute.  

How to Export a Word Document Using Pages (YouTube)

You just go to the top left of the screen to File, then to Export, then select Word, then you can use the following box to hit NEXT and select where to save your new Word File that your teacher can open! :)

 5/12/20 - Week 6 Assignments will go live Wednesday Morning. Three Sections.

5/5/20 - Week 5 Assignments will go live Wednesday Morning.  Three sections for this week. 

5/4/20 - As of today the gradebook will reflect either a score of CR, or P.  CR means Credit. Every student will recieve credit for this quarter.  This is due to the need to acknowledge that we are not all able to access the work for whatever reason during Distance Learning.  However a student can get a P, or a pass, if they recieve 60% or above in the course work.  

Most students have participated in most of the assignments.  Make sure to keep on top of your work as much as possible when possible.


Turning in work: 

If Aeries is showing you that you're missing work but it appears the due date has not been reached, it's becuase you have not turned in the work by the original due date when I first posted the assignmnet.  I give at least a week to turn in an assignment when I first post them before I grade them.  However I totally accept late work. 

Due dates on Aeries are extended to allow students to use the digital drop box to turn in files for those assignments.  I will finalize an assignments grades once the first due date has passed, even though I'll extend the due date to accept late work.  You can still turn in the assignment becuase I am extending the due date, but I still need to let students know work is missing. If I don't extend the due date students will not be able to upload work at all.  THis could cause some stress, but be sure, I'm doing this so students CAN turn in late work, AND know they need to do so.

If an assginment is past due and you want to turn it in please email it directly to me. Please list the assignment title and your name in the e-mail. 


Tip for using the Online textbook:

Use that address to log into the Online History book. 

Use the seven digits of your student ID number as the user name.

The password is simply password

Once you enter the site you can use the Launch Course to open the book and then use the Search tool at the top of the site to type in the number of the book page you need to use.  The results should show two options, one for the Spanish textbook, and one for the English. 


A note about saving files:

Please don's save your files as a .pages document when uploading to aeries or emailing. They can't be opened on a Windows computer. 

.doc, .docx, or .pdf are standard file types most computers can use. 

Or of course, take a well sized photo of your work. 

If you have uploaded work as a .pages document it would be great if you could resave it and submit again.

Please keep this in mind for ALL of your classes.


If you are e-mailing work becuase you are having an issue logging onto Aeries please attach the file to the e-mail, or a photo file that can show your work.  Small images can't be read.  Attach files to emails, don't paste an image unless you size it big enough.  Please include the assignment you are submitting as well as the students name in the email. 

Welcome students and parents to our History Class for Distance Learning!

First I want to tell you that I hope you are all well and that I understand if there are ANY complications in accessing or completing any of this work.  

My main concern is your health and safety and that of your family's.

We will start our distance learning on this website and by using our Student Aeries accounts to submit work.  (You can't use a parent account to submit work.)

Update: If you need to register your Aeries account, I was told recently that AUSD is working on a way to deliver your verification codes to you.  

When you goto the assignment listing on Aeries you should be able to submit your work by uploading an edited file, or a picture of your answers you wrote down on paper.  

Please use the Assignment page to see current and past assignments as they are posted.  We should have about 4 assignments per week.  We will be starting with Reading Guides, and may try some more ambitious assignments later. 

The Helpful Resources page has instructions for using the Online History textbook if you dont have yours with you.  

You can use the book to read the page the assignments wants you to study from.