Mrs. Donna Chaddock



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Mrs. Donna Chaddock

May 4, 2020

As of today the gradebook will reflect a score of CR(credit), or P(pass). Every student will receive credit for this quarter. This is being done to avoid students being penalized for school closures and distance learning. This is a district-wide decision which was recently shared with the DRMS staff. Please email me if you have any concerns or questions. 

I really miss all of you, and I am amazed at your abilty and determination to adjust to distance learning. I am receiving approximately 50 emails a day from concerned, caring, conscientious students who are grappling with a very difficult set of circumstances. You all inspire me. You are not giving up. You are moving forward with your education, and I am so proud of your efforts. In some ways I feel as if I know you better, because you are emailing me specific questions, and you are sharing some of the challenges you are facing each day while working and staying home. PLease let us not forget what we have learned this year. Our actions, thoughts, and the way we treat others is the most important thing we have control over in our lives. What we say, what we do, how we interact with the people we love and care about MATTER. Melba Pattillo Beals is a teenage hero, along with the other Little Rock Nine students. I urge you to finish reading this book along with your classmates, and pay close attention to how Melba uses her actions and thoughts to help her get through her "harrowing ordeal".

 I was so excited to be able to move forward with our study of upstanders and bystanders as we read the memoir of a teenage hero of the Civil Rights Movement. I am grateful we were able to get this book into your hands before leaving DRMS in March. This is an amazing book which will help you to be inspired as the world grapples with this highly contagious virus. As you read Melba Pattillo Beals' book, Warriors Don't Cry, you'll learn how to be a warrior yourself. Keep this book next to you in the coming weeks and think about how Melba never gave up even when she faced unbearable situations. She and the other eight students known as the Little Rock Nine will give you strength and courage. I look forward to this journey and will do my best to honor these teenage hereos.