=======NEW UPDATE: PLEASE READ==============

    1. Distance Learning Assignment for Week 8 has been posted. Please view the Assignments tab from this website to access the file. 
    2. Our Optional video class (last!) via Microsoft Teams is scheduled on May 29, 2020, Friday at 10:00 AM. See you there.
    3. All Science assignments (including late work) must be turned in on or before May 31, 2020.h

    ====SpaceX Crew Dragon Space Launch=====

    History is about to be made! Don't miss the launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on Saturday, May 30, with liftoff at 3:22 ET (12:22pm PST) . Live coverage starts at 11am ET. Watch virtually  https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/#public



    =============UPDATE:  May 05, 2020======================

    1. New and future assignments must be submitted via Microsoft Teams or Aeries Dropbox ONLY. Save your assignment as .doc, .docx, or .pdf. A clear jpeg photo is also acceptable. 
    2.  Do not submit your assignment via email unless it is a Late work. 
    3. Video class check-in is scheduled tomorrow. (May 05, 2020) Please click Video class Tab for more info.
    4. As of today the gradebook will reflect either a score of CR or P. CR means Credit. Every student will receive credit for this quarter.  This is due to the need to acknowledge that we are not all able to access Distance Learning assignments for whatever reason during this pandemic.  However a student can get a P, or a Pass, if they receive 60% or above in the course work.  

    =============================UPDATE:  April 25, 2020==========================

    Important Teacher Concerns 

    1. I would like to remind everybody of some of our norms regarding school work and assignments. Cheating of any form is strictly not allowed. Copying another student's assignment, letting another student copy your work, passing of someone's work as your own, distributing answers or any documented cheating offense may result in a teacher's conference, a grade of "F" on the work involved and a discipline referral to the office. We are not going to tolerate these behaviors. I challenge everybody to try their very best in answering their assigned tasks, manage your time wisely so you will not cram or turn in late work, be honest and reach out to me if you need extra support. 

    2. Beginning next week, all assignments are also going to be available in Microsoft Teams. Make sure that you set up your AUSD Student Account and Sign In into Teams. Instructions on how to set up your account is found in Assignment #3 and Microsoft Teams Tab.



    =============================UPDATE:  April 21, 2020==========================

    Assignment # 3 - Setting Up Your AUSD Student Account 

    Assignment # 4 - Earth Day Project

    Please view Assignments Tab (left side of the screen) for detailed information

    ====================UPDATE:  April 15, 2020=====================

    Optional Video Class

    Dear Students,

    I recently did a survey on this website asking students if a video class is needed and the results were a combination of "Yes, No, and Optional" for a variety of reasons. I appreciate your honest answers and I commend your efforts for working hard on your assignments independently. I have decided that on April 21, 2020 (Tuesday), I will be hosting a video class via Zoom. The video class is open to anybody who would need support with the topics of our Distance Learning assignments. I will also answer questions that you may want to verbalize about our assignments.  If you choose not to join,  it will NOT bring your grade down for as long as you submit your weekly assignment. You are encouraged to email me if you need help with your homework. Failure to participate will NOT affect your grade. This is NOT mandatory. 

    If you are interested to attend the video class, it will promptly start at 10:00 am on Tuesday. With the help of an adult, I would like you to sign up for a free account at https://zoom.us/signup. Please use your first and last name when setting up your profile for easy identification. Each meeting will last for 15-30 minutes (or longer, depending on your needs).

    I will be posting the meeting ID and password tomorrow. Also, to increase security and privacy, anonymous accounts and students not enrolled in any of my classes will NOT be permitted to join. I will communicate to parents or guardians if there are behaviors that need to be corrected or redirected. We may experience problems and delays so I am requesting everybody to be patient, be calm and assume positive expectations. 


    Mrs. Angela Gaddi

    Science Teacher

    ====================UPDATE:  April 10, 2020=====================

    Teacher Concerns

    1. When turning in work, please write or type your First and Last Name on your assignment.
    2. When you are writing me an email, do not forget to introduce yourself/write your name.  
    3. The Rock Cycle worksheet is a two paged assignment. Please make sure that you answer all questions. 

    Click the link below for more details on Assignment #2 - The Rock Cycle


    ====================UPDATE:  April 10, 2020=====================

     1. Assignment #2 - The Rock Cyle

    View  Assignments Tab to view this week's reading material and worksheet.

    ====================UPDATE:  April 10, 2020=====================

     1. For Parents regarding Laptop Distribution

    If you missed the laptop distribution a few days ago, AUSD will have a another distribution schedule today (April 10, 2020/Friday) between 9am-3pm at Antioch Middle School. You will need your child’s ID number and your CA ID or driver’s license for pick up.

    Also, Assignment #2 will be posted on April 14, 2020. Come back here on Tuesday. 

    ====================UPDATE:  March 30, 2020=====================

    To my students, I want to start off by saying I miss you all and I am sad that we did not get to formally end the school year together. Knowing that you would never get to be in my classroom and be my students again was honestly heartbreaking. I hope you and your families will continue to stay safe, healthy and live out the standards we apply inside our Science class.

    As I’m sure you are already aware (from the Letter to Parents provided by AUSD), we will begin Distance Learning next week. One of our goals is to encourage you to motivate yourself to learn despite the absence of traditional teaching methods to prepare you for 8th grade and High School. I will guide you in order to achieve this goal.

    I will be posting assignments, guidelines, video links, reading guides and worksheets on the school’s website under my Teacher Page. To support regular communication, I am asking that everyone register for an Aeries Parent and Student account. If there are any changes on instruction platform that I will use, I will make sure to communicate it to everyone via email. For the meantime, all information are going to be under Science 7th Grade Assignments tab on the left most side of the website. 

     To turn in your completed assignment, you can do any of the following:

    • Write your answer on a piece of paper, take a picture from your phone then submit the assignment. Or;
    • Directly edit the document by typing your answers, Save then Submit

    All assignments should be turned in through the Aeries Drop Box. When you go to Aeries you can upload the picture of your work or the document file you edited. Both of these methods will allow me to have access to view your completed work.

    Some assignments will require the use of the old Science book. If you do not have your book, I will provide scanned pages of the book to help you complete the assignment. 

    I understand that we are all experiencing a major disruption to our learning schedule and methods so I am requesting you to be calm and assume positive expectations to ensure that we meet our goal to Learn. If you have questions or concerns, please email me at angelagaddi@antiochschools.net.