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Krisey Sanders

Hi Everybody, 

I hope you all are healthy and doing well.  For the rest of the year, your P.E. work will be an activity log.  The goal is to be physically active for AT LEAST 35 minutes every day.  When you finish your activity for the day, you'll answer a few questions in the log.  EVERY MONDAY, you will submit the completed log to me through AERIES.  The first log is due on Monday April 13th.  

The activities can be whatever you choose, as long as you are up and moving around for 35 minutes.  If you feel like doing a bunch of pushups, lunges, jumping jacks, etc. go for it.  If you'd rather go for a walk, ride your bike, or play basketball, that's fine too.  

Activity Log:

Activity Log

To turn in the log: 

-Go to the assignment in AERIES and click on the "cloud" icon

-Upload the log as either a document, or a picture of a hand written log

-Only student accounts can submit assignments, so make sure you aren't logged in on your parent's account 


-Take a picture and send it to my email address 

If you have any questions, just email me. 

My office hours are 12-1pm daily. However, I will be checking my email randomly throughout the day and I will get back to you as soon as I can.