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There are no past due assignments.

Phone: 925-779-7495


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Duffy

Starting Monday, 4/20, we will be moving to Microsoft Teams and My Locker.  It is a secure location.  This teacher page can be accessed by anyone.  If you have not logged  into My Locker or Microsoft Teams, please do so immediately.  If you are unable to log in, please email me at ryanduffy@antiochschools.net or through Class Dojo ASAP so that you can come along for the ride.  I have uploaded the assignments from this page and added the website links under Class Notebook.  Please be patient with me, as I will be with you.  This is a learning adventure for all of us.  It might not always be pretty, but we will make it work, and we will make it through this together.  I will be scheduling a class meeting via video for Monday.  Very casual.  Just a check in to see who is actually on and who isn't.  We will take it from there.  Please look for an invite in Microsoft Teams.


I've made some adjustments to my webpage.  You will find websites links in the INTERESTING WEB RESOURCES section.  You can find projects to work on at home in the DISTANCE LEARNING section.  You can also find more assignments in the ASSIGNMENT section. Please check them for new assignments as they post.


Also please remember to check the webpages of Mr. Barnes, Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Culcasi, and Mrs. Hill to keep up on Music, P.E., Computers, and Counseling.



I will leave all my previous posts here for now.


More great news!  Students can now take Accerated Reader (AR) tests at home by going to https://hosted267.renlearn.com/280172/ !  Their ID and password are the same as at school.


My apologies, I inserted the link to connectedmcgrawhill.com incorrectly earlier.  It is now updated and you can now access it.  These are the Math and ELA programs that we use in the classroom.  UserID is your student's school ID which either starts with 98 or 99 followed by the letters AUSD.  Passwords are ABC123.  Again, Very sorry for the confusion.


Mrs. Culcasi, our Computers teacher,  also asked me to add her link for weekly computer lessons.  Here it is...  https://www.antiochschools.net/Domain/1480


Again, at this time, no official assignments are being made on any forum.  No official grading is taking place.  We are only making suggestions and offering tools for your child to continue learning at their own pace.  We ask that they do 3 hours a day.  Feel free to send me pictures or samples of your student's work at ryanduffy@antiochschools.net.  I will not share these with anyone unless given permission to.  I got a great picture of a Gallonbot yesterday!  Keep up the great work parents and students!


OK, we now have a free membership to MobyMax for the rest of the school year.  Go to www.mobymax.com/ca689.  Your child's username is BelshawTheirName.  For example, I would be BelshawRyanDuffy, and their password is ABC123.  Lot's of stuff on there for multiple subjects.  Let me know if you have an issue getting on.


OK, we have access to our Daily Language and Math that we use everyday at school.  Links below.


Daily Math 4th


Daily Language 4th


Also remember that this is an excellent time to teach your child important life skills around the home.  If they don't know how to do or haven't done things like the laundry, wash dishes, vacuum, dust, trim the hedges, pick up dog droppings/clean the litter box, change the light bulb, feed the pets, unclog a drain, make a grocery list, wash the dog, balance your checkbook for you, wash Mr. Duffy's car, ;) etc., this is the time to do so.  It keeps them busy and buys some time for yourself while they are busy with chores.  Stay active, stay safe.


You can also find a lot of physically active videos at family.gonoodle.com.  It gets the kids up and moving and burning off all that excess energy.  They love it!


You can also find a bunch of resources at khanacademy.org.  It is all free for you.  I have used them for Math in the past and found them very useful, but they have a lot of other educational tools as well.


We can also access mysteryscience.com.  You can find a bunch of full and mini lessons there.  The kids really like it!


We are up on Class Dojo.  Please feel free to contact me there M-F 10-11 AM.  We are hoping to be up and running on Microsoft Teams soon.  Keep checking here for more info.


OK! Here is the info for our book report.


Here are some pages to help with the book report.


We were working on measurement before we left school.  Here is a template to create your own Gallonbot.  Be creative!  Use lots of colors, crazy hair, the works!


Here are some questions to go with your GallonBot.


I have uploaded your child to studiesweekly.com.  It is for Social Studies and Science.  Their userID is BelshawTheirName  and their paswword is ABC123.  For example I would be BelshawRyanDuffy as an ID, and ABC123 for my password.  Please do this website for an hour a day.  Do i-ready Math and I-ready Reading an hour a day as well.  I will keep you posted as things develop.  MISS YOU ALL!  STAY SAFE!


As just reported, we will be out of school until at least May 1, 2020.  I will keep you updated as I learn more.  At this point, please continue to do your i-Ready assignments and stay safe.