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Mr. Spence

  • Welcome to the third grade!  I hope you and your child are looking forward to a wonderful year filled with learning and fun.  This note is designed as a reference for you regarding the curriculum, classroom rules and expectations, and schedules for our class. 

    I value the contributions all parents make, and my door is always open to you.  If you ever have any concerns, or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  You may come in to visit me after school.  You may also send me an email at any time.  My school email is  The phone number for Belshaw is 925-779-7495 and my extension is 38014.

    Philosophy of Education 

    I believe that children must be active participants in the learning process.  It is my job to provide information, tools, and opportunity for learning, but it is up to the students to take what I give them and learn.  I want students to be avid question askers, because without questions I will not be able to guide the students to find their answers.  I will provide my class with the tools for learning, but I will need their questions, curiosity, and cooperation to enhance and enrich their learning experience. 

    Children learn in a variety of styles.  In my classroom I hope to provide the opportunity for each child to experience learning in a manner that best suits their learning style.  I will do this by providing as many different approaches to learning as I can.  We will learn by doing, looking, talking, writing and listening.  By using a combination of learning styles all students should be able to enjoy the lesson and process the information well.  

    Children learn at different rates.  Some children learn very quickly, and need little practice for learning new concepts.  Other children require lots of time, and practice to reach mastery.  I will provide enrichment opportunities so quick learners will have a challenge to move their learning forward.  These students are expected to complete regular assignments and then choose an enrichment activity.  At no time should they be idle, or disturbing others.  Students requiring extra help will be given time in small groups to help them master skills. 

    The classroom environment is essential to learning.  Children must feel welcomed and comfortable in their surroundings before they are able to focus on learning.  I will provide students with a stable, nurturing environment, enabling them to learn to their fullest potential.  It is up to the students to take advantage of the environment and take responsibility for their actions and their learning.  By building a sense of community within the classroom, students will take responsibility for behaving in a manner that is both expected and required.  A desire to maintain this community should discourage poor behavior within the classroom.