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History and Economics degrees from UC Berkeley California credential from CSU East Bay Masters in History from CSU East Bay

Mr. Bellizzi

Good Morning

First off, these are trying times for us all. I miss everyone and I'm sorry that our year has been cut short. My main goal with continuing our work is to provide the least amount of stress possible. Therefore, my plan is to use the platforms that we are already familiar with, namely Aeries and my class website, to finish out our learning for the school year. I will be posting new material on my class website on the Deer Valley webpage every Tuesday and Thursday. They will be the power points that we would have covered in class. I will post my assignment questions in Aeries in the description of the assignment. You will be able to upload your work in Aeries. I am going to create a test assignment to check how that works. The power point questions will be due the following Monday for both lessons. My main assignment throughout all this time will be to upload a journal entry(s) every week. I want to know how you are feeling and you might like a record of your thoughts because we are living in extraordinary times. We are living history right now. This journal can be daily, every other day, or weekly, depending on how you are feeling. If it's daily, the entries can be a paragraph, if every other day, a half a page, and if weekly, a page. Just write down how you are feeling and it can be about whatever. If you are feeling frustrated with the government's response, talk about that. If you are frustrated with being cooped up, talk about that. If you miss your school and time with your friends, etc. If you do not wish to do this, just keep up with current events. I will post the details of these assignments starting tomorrow. We must take this opportunity and try to make the most of it. I cannot grade you like I normally would so this work will be graded on a pass/incomplete basis. If you are worried about your grade, completing these assignments will show me that you want to make things better and we will do that together. My office hours will be 10 AM to 11 AM via email on most days. If I am not answering at that time, it will 12 PM to 1 PM that day. This program also allows me to text a phone number, so if you want to have a conversation, I think it will allow me to do that. Just send me a private email, which you can see on my deer valley website, with your phone number and I will send you a message during office hours.

At the beginning of May I will provide you instruction on a summary assignment for the end of the year. Thank you.

Also, I have created a remind account