• Hurtado’s Chemistry in the Community:   2019-2020 Quarter 4 Distant Learning

    For this week we will try these procedures and see how they work for all of us.

    Communication: I have been working to get all student emails. If I do not have yours, please email me at carriehurtado@antiochschools.net. Work will be emailed to students, entered in Aeries, put on my webpage of DVHS, and sent out on Remind. A Remind account was created here is the code to join, code: rmd.at/bgca77 Remind instructions

    Office hours: I will be available for questions from 12-1pm Monday through Friday. I will be available on email and Zoom during these times. I will email a new Zoom link the first of each week. If you would like one on one time we can schedule a separate zoom conference.

    Student Check-ins: Students must check in with me at least two times a week via email or zoom. Every email must include the student name and period.

    Assignments: I will assign one week’s worth of work on our first day of the week. All of the work that was assigned that week will be due by the following Sunday at 11:59 pm. Example this week starts on April 7, so all work must be submitted before April 12 at 11:59 pm.

    Turning in work: All submitted work must have student’s full name (Last, First) and period. Work may be typed, or hand written. Hand written worm may be scanned or photographed and submitted. Work may be emailed, or put in the Aeries Drop box.

    Grading of work: Work will be graded on student’s unique responses (not copied from others), based on student effort as credit/no credit

    Note: Every student should now have set up their microsoft account, assiigned in week 3


    Updated 5/24/20


    Week 1, starts Apirl 7, due April 12

    Week 2, starts April 13, work due on April 19

    Week 3, starts April 20, work due on April 26

    Week 4, starts April 27, work due on May 3

    Week 5, starts May 4, work due on May 10

    Week 6, starts May 11, work due on May 17

    Week 7, starts May 18, work due on May 24

    Week 8, Starts May 25, work due on May 31 (except Seniors, all work due before May 29 at 3 pm)

Ms. Hurtado

Phone: 925-779-7570


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Marine Science -UC Santa Cruz MA Teacher Leadership - UC Santa Cruz MA Administrative Leadership - Phoenix University

Ms. Hurtado

Hello, I am Carrie Hurtado. I have been working at Deer Valley since 1997. I have taught many difference science classes in addtion to study skills. This year I will work with students to help them discover the wonderful world of chemistry. 


Favorite Animal = Turtle 

Favorite Color = Purple (after teal, black and silver of course)