Ms. Kohl



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Ms. Kohl


I teach Fundamental Visual Art and Independent Art at Dozier-Libbey. I have been a teacher in Antioch for 24 years and have taught several subjects at various sites. I love art: making it,  teaching it and seeing what students create. My persoanl favorites are drawing and painting and I especially love to paint portraits.

Studying and teaching Art is wonderful because Art is a subject that challenges you to think, observe, understand, solve problems, design & create. I believe the skills and methods we learn and practice in Art can be appplied beautifully to other disciplines and help people to develop intellectual flexibility as well as their ability to think critically and imaginatively.

I try to help students develop their drawing and observational skills and to learn how to bring ideas from their inception into reality. If you are my student this year I hope to help you connect with your inner artist - that open minded, creative, curious person that dwells somewhere inside you!