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Jeff Meeks

Mr. Meeks Online Access to Distance Learning Mathematics 

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Monday-Friday, 10:00am-12noon via Email

  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Again, new to me but a bit more organized from my end. I am simply mirroring Microsoft Teams to the Google Classroom at the present time. This might change later as it is a lot of work to do. However, while the assignments are here...they must be turned into Microsoft Teams! It is the only thing that is linked to AERIES Gradebook.

         Period 1: ejvvili            Period 2: gk6utxa 

         Period 4: y4qfyzr          Period 5: b2pltlb 
         Period 6: 


    Big Ideas Textbook can be found here, along with its resources: 

    There are also accompanying video lessons at: "Common Core High Schools 2015"  

    Mcgraw Hill has opened up all there textbook for all classes, so its a resource: 


    First student have to:  sign in to   

         Username: studentid 
         Password: antiochschools

    Here you will create a new password to be used in Teams

    The email below has a YouTube video on how to set password.   You then use that password to sign into Microsoft teams.  

    In Microsoft teams your username: 
      Password : password created in MyLocker   

    "Distance learning goes live today. All students will have access to their online accounts. Attached is a PowerPoint presentation that will explain how to log on for the first time. A step-by-step informational video is available at If you are having trouble logging in or connecting after watching the video, you may call the help desk at (925) 779-7676, or email them at If you have access to technology, please do NOT come to the school for paper packets. We have limited supplies, and need to reserve them for students who do not have access to a computer or internet at home. Thank you for your understanding." - AUSD 


    Please Note: I will not respond to you if I do not recognize you, so please no nicknames. Identify yourself by your LAST NAME IN CAPITALS AND PERIOD# before you write something until further notice. Any nonsense will get you banned, this is for the protection of the students so please do not share code with any non-students. Discord is set up as a MAIN CLASSROOM and a STUDY GROUP session and has an open area where students can talk about whatever topic with one another. Please use the STUDY GROUP with one another, I don't foresee using the MAIN CLASSROOM as a solid platform when the district has provided Microsoft Teams and the mirrored Google Classroom.  

          Algebra 1 Main Classroom 
          Algebra 1 Study Group 

          Geometry Main Classroom  
          Geo Study Group