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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in Political Science M.A. in Education and Curriculum Design

Ms. Lisa Behrens


History- 7th and 8th Grade                                                                                             

Orchard Park School

Welcome Back Letter

Teacher- Lisa Behrens  


Daily Office Hours- 7:45-8:15 am M-F

& 2:30-3:00 pm M-Th (no afternoon office hours on Friday)

Welcome Back to School!  This school year we are working on keeping it simple and successful. 

Any time you have a question email me or send a message through Remind. 

This year we have Remind Premier account which can do many more things to support your learning and communication.

Please note the following apps to support you and your student’s learning in our distance learning start:

  1. Remind- Please go to  (US HISTORY)
  • You can also use your phone- Text to 81010 and then @63hff9
  • Remind is for communicating with your teacher and reminders of due dates and assignments

       WORLD HISTORY-  REMIND-  Please go to

         - You can TEXT to 81010 and then @7g96hk7


  1. ClassLink- Single User Login (hub for all programs) Please go here first each day to access all apps. From ClassLink you can access AERIES, Teams, Microsoft 365 Software, Remind and more!
  1. Microsoft Email- each student will have an account


  1. Microsoft Office 365- you will have access to online new Microsoft Office 365 which includes Outlook (email), Word, PowerPoint and new programs like Class Notebook, OneNote, OneDrive (like a google drive to save all your work) and Whiteboard. We will be using mainly Class Notebook.


  1. Microsoft Teams which is part of the Office Suite of 365 and this is where you will be doing your online web-based lesson, live instruction, announcements, and assignments will be posted.
  1. Aeries- this is your gradebook and description of assignments and due dates. 

Composition Book- We will be using a composition book to write in our journal daily, take notes from videos and lecture and pre-writing for essays.  I have included a composition book for use in History Class.  It will receive a weekly grade.  In our “live” class you will copy down the question, day of the week, month and day.  You will have journal entries to work on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Each Monday the journal entries are due.  You will be asked to submit a random entry with the question, date and your response.  Stay on top of your journal assignments.  You will take a picture of the assignment and submit it either through Teams in Class Notebook.  Be sure to write your name on your composition book.  You will be asked to share a specific day of the week to be graded and feedback.

Weekly Class Schedule  

Monday- Flexible Instruction Da Period 1- Advisory/Homeroom

Wednesday- Period 5, 6, Lunch, 7, Period 1- Advisory/Homeroom

Thursday- Period 2, 3, Lunch, 4, Period 1- Advisory/Homeroom

Friday- Period 4, 5, Lunch, 6, Period 1- Advisory/Homeroom


TIME SLOTS- Learning Block Period Times

Period 2/5 8:30 to 9:30 am   followed by a Virtual Office HOURS- 9:30-10:00    Passing Period 10:00-10:10   

Period 3/6 10:10 to 11:10 am followed by a Virtual Office HOURS- 11:10-11:44   LUNCH 11:40 to 12:25

Period 4/7 12:25 to 1:25 pm followed by a Virtual Office HOURS- 1:25-1:55    

ADVISORY BLOCK- 1:55 pm to 2:30 pm Tuesday to Friday


  1. Attendance and Participation in Virtual online lessons during your learning block class period
  • 20 % of your grade


  1. Journal Assignments and Notes- daily responses to journal assignments and class notes
  • 10 % of your grade
  • Must copy down the prompt completely, label the day of week, month, day and respond to all parts of the question (prompt). You will be posting on Class Notebook.


  1. Projects, Essays, Quizzes, Presentations- There will be no tests in history during the Distance Learning time. You will be assessed (tested) through your presentations individual and group, projects- individual and group, online quizzes, essays, and Document-Based Questions essays.  We will be work together on these assessments and then you will work on completing them on your own.  If at any time you are confused and need help or have questions- please email me.  We will be using Class Notebook on Teams.
  • 60 % of your grade
  • To not have points deducted, follow the rubric and turn in by due date
  • If you need more time, please email me in advance


  1. Outreach and Self-Care- I have given a lot of thought about wellness and helping others. I have decided to have you share how you have taken care of yourself and others.  There are many ways you can do this- deep breathing, positive self-talk, goal setting, problem solving, walking with family members, taking care of siblings, taking care of your pets, helping with chores without being asked, helping others that ask for your help if you can, recording daily 3 things you are grateful for and lastly smiling and doing things that make you better and happy.  You can the Virtual Calming Room site for Self-Care & Outreach.
  • 10 % of your grade
  • You can earn extra points by showing more self-care and outreach in a PowerPoint

                     Direct link to Virtual Calming Room site:


If you have any questions or concerns- please email me     8/19/2020