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B.A. in Political Science M.A. in Education and Curriculum Design

Ms. Lisa Behrens


College and Career Seminar- Deer Valley High School  (to join remind class for College and Careers)                                                                                  

Course Outline                                        Los Medanos College Courses - COUNS- 032 "Intro to Career Exploration"                                                                              

Course Description- Students will identify their interests and life goals, discover a career aligned to those interests and goals, and develop an educational pathway to prepare for that career.  They will gain exposure to various careers based on student interest via online research projects and guest speakers.  By the end of the course, students will chart out a sequence of steps necessary to prepare for chosen college and/or career.

This one semester class for 9th and 10th graders will introduce students to a decision-making process that will help them envision and plan for a future career that is production and stimulating. The personalization in the 10 Year Plan will provide students with the focus and intrinsic motivation to succeed in high school, college, at work and life.

Course Content Overview- The course has three units driven by the following essential questions-

Who am I?  What do I want? How will I get there?

These questions will require you to explore and discover how you will achieve your academic, personal and career goals.  From these essential questions, you will determine what you might want.  As your instructor, I will work on guiding you in the process of this exploration to your future happiness and success. 

Get Focused, Stay Focused- the course main topics are as follows:

  • Passion (deep interest), skills and talents, personality, and strengths
  • Economic Literacy- budgets and lifestyles
  • Career Choices and Interests
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving and Resilience
  • Goal Setting and Planning with the My 10 Year Plan
  • Perseverance, Course Connections and Overcoming Obstacles
  • 21st Century Skills, Resume, Post- Secondary Education and Training

Instructional Materials- Career Choices by Mindy Bingham, Portfolio and online workbook.  Mandatory Supplies- pen, pencil and a College Rule- Composition Book (for warm-up and notes)

Course Requirements

  1. Composition book (college rule)- use daily in class at the start of class
  2. Project Based Learning- you will be turning in comprehensive projects
  3. Presentations- you will be presenting in front of the class
  4. Online College and Career Research-
  5. Aeries, Teams and Remind- weekly access grades on Aeries, turn in work on Teams and read reminders from Remind
  6. The College and Career Seminar is a college level class at DVHS with college credit available to those that meet the articulation process.

Course Grading Policy

Participation- 20% (Class Activities and Discussions)

Writing Prompts- 30% (Warm-up, Class Activity Assignment and Exit Tickets)

Portfolio and Workbook- 30% (Classwork and Homework)

10 Year Plan Portfolio- 20% (Completion of this project is mandatory for college credit from LMC)

DVHS Career Seminar is a college level course articulated with Los Medanos College Courses - COUNS- 032 "Intro to Career Exploration" (1.5 units) and COUNS-034 "College Success" (1.5 units) for a total of 3 college units for free!  

(A $138 value at a community college!) 


  1. Complete the College and Career Seminar course at Deer Valley High School with a grade of “C” or better for the high school class.
  2. *Pass the LMC final exam procedure: Complete the *Final Analysis Profile Portfolio (10-year Plan Summary online) with 80% (10 out of 13 Sections in the Online 10 Year Plan) or better.
  3. Apply for admission at Los Medanos College.
  4. Be recommended for credit by high school teacher.
  5. Register for CATEMA for electronic submission of college credit within the academic year in which credit was earned.
    Upon completion of the above, the student will receive on his/her LMC and CCCCD (California Community College District) transcripts the grade of “P” (Pass) and the unit credit for LMC’s COUNS-032 & COUNS-034 courses with a notation indicating college credit was granted by exam. (Credit by Exam)

Quarter and Semester Grade Calculations

This course runs a full semester. Your Quarter Grade will be a combination of your quarter grade grades at the end of each quarter. Each quarter will be 50 percent of your total semester grade.

Skill and Assessments Objectives

The College and Career Seminar will include curriculum that is taught through classroom discussions, interdisciplinary projects, writing prompts that call on higher order thinking skills like analysis, synthesis and evaluations, and development of critical, creative and purposeful thinking into project-based learning.

Goals for Success in College and Career Semester Elective

  • Each student will be respected and valued as an important member of our classroom community.      Be Kind. Be Mindful.  Be Helpful.
  • Each student will do their best work and follow directions carefully.
  • Each member of the classroom will use appropriate language and behavior. Be Responsible.  Be Safe.
  • Each member of the classroom community will respect the ideas and views of others while always remembering the importance of kindness and respect. Teasing and bullying will not be tolerated.

Classroom Procedures

  1. Come into the classroom quietly and go directly to your assigned seat. Be on time.
  2. Copy down the warm-up (journal entry or notes) in your composition book and then wait for further directions. Make sure your phone is not able to receive voice or text messages during class.
  3. Elbow share your response to the journal or the definition with the theme of the lesson with classmate and do not interrupt them when they are speaking.
  4. Class Activity- follow directions carefully for the lesson theme. No hall passes the first and last 10 minutes of class or during lunches.
  5. Closure- Exit Ticket, workbook assignment or worksheet must be completed neatly and completely for full credit. Be sure to always do your best work and write your name and date on the top of the paper and submit.


  1. Feel free to ask questions in class. If you need more time on an assignment, ask. 
  2. Email or send a message on Teams for clarification. I will return emails and messages within 24 hours.

Thank you,


Ms. Behrens - Deer Valley High School- College and Career - Rm. 414    Office Hours 8-9 am, 3:30-4 M-TH