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Hi everyone, g here. Hope everybody is hanging in there! 

Biology - Science Elective / Health  / PE 

OFFICE HOURS: Daily - Noon to 1:00

As of April 14th, Distance Learning will take place in Odysseyware for all of my subjects: Biology/Sci Elective; Health and PE. This is a NEW 'platform' for me, so be patient. I have successfully enrolled all students into the Odysseyware program. To access Odysseyware go to the following website your USER NAME is the first letter of your first name followed by your last name ie; jgoulding (if that doesnt work add the second initial ie; jegoulding) the PASSWORD is your student ID number. Please disregard any DUE DATES for assignments.

Please Note: for those of you that completed work that was assigned last week, well done! The completed assignment will be taken in consideration during grading at a later time. I am keeping the assignments in my 'subject folders' as is, for now, but you may disregard.

GRADING: pass / no pass

Be well, g