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Mr. Walrond

August 31, 2020 Welcome back to virtual learning.

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June 1-Good Morning and Welcome to June!


Here we are at the last week of school and all that is involved with finishing a quarter and a year. What a quarter it has been. Well done students on the work you did on line or with picking up and dropping off packets. That shows good commitment. Congratulations to graduating seniors. History, government, and geography, which I taught, continue to occur in one form or another on a daily basis. Be aware, care, vote, and be safe.

Wherever you go, there you are. Again, be safe, take care, and watch this space.

Mr. Walrond



May 20th-I stopped by the school today to pick up work that has been turned in. If you are still working on work through odysseare or packets you have picked up, no worries. Keep up the good work. Please go to the class you have with me for more information.

Kepp up the good work.

Stay safe and watch this space.



May 15-I have changed my mind and assignments. On May 14th I had new assignments opened, those DO NOT need to be done.



May 14th-Good Morning.  Please check the school and district web site as well as phone messages for any information as we approach the end of May. As a reminder, I have to submit grades/evaluations on May 29th.

Stay safe and watch this space.



May 11-Good morning. Please continue to work on the assignments. Remember the 29th of May grades/evaluations are due. No new lessons are assigned today, if done with past assignments, work on another class. Printed packets can be picked up at Bidwell May 12th from 10AM-1PM. Be sure to call the school to double check.

Stay safe and watch this space.



May7-Good morning, I have made available the next lesson for each subject. Please know I will have packets at Bidwell for pick up on Tuesday. I have noticed that more students are woring on the lessons-well done. Just a few more. Keep up the good work. PLEASE read through all of the messages below if this is you first visit to this site.

Stay safe and watch this space.



May 5-Good Afternoon. The month of May is often exciting as the end of a school year is in sight and that is still true as of today. It is importnt to notice the date of MAY 29, 2020. On that day I will be submitting grades, evaluations and/or credit. I notice students have not submitted any work for the classes they have with me. PLEASE know, you can still submit work and I ENGOURAGE you to do so. Understanding it is a challenging time, some work still is to be done. If you have not yet submitte any work, please start now, every little bit will help. Don't get overwhelmed if you have not started.

Please access class through odysseware, contact me or Bidwell if you need assistance. Also, packets of work are available at Bidwell for pick up if you need. 

Stay safe and watch this space.




May 1-Good morning, for Friday today, and Monday May 4, please continue to work on lessons already assigned. You do not need to work on them on Sat or Sun. New lessons will be available Tuesday. Please go to your class period for details.

Stay safe and watch this space



April 28-Good morning, Please check in the class period and find new assignments opened today to work on as you finish past assignments.

The district is going to post information about grading on the web site today, PLEASE read it.

Please email me with questions or concerns.

Stay safe and watch this space.



April 27-Please continue to work on assignments for class that have been assigned. New assignments will come out tomorrow.

Be safe and watch this space



April 22-Good morning to all. I have opened the next assignment for all classes. Please go to your class period for the assignment. If you come to a question while working on the short answer or paragrph parts, please email me for some help. Please read all messages below.

Be Safe and watch this space.



April 20-Good morning, Afternoon or Evening, whatever the case may be. As of today, I have 3 assignments for my classes to be working on. At this time, you can only open lessons I have unblocked. If it is blocked, we are not doing that lesson at this time. Work through the lessons assingned. Please email e if you are unable to access the lessons. I have put lessons and information in each class/period that is shown in Blackboard. Per. 1-Geography; World History P.4,5 and Am Gov Per 3,6. Please go to those period/class. Scroll down this page for past information.

Be Safe and Watch this space.



April 17-Good afternoon. Please continue to work on the assignments form this week of April 13-17. No assignments from me over the weekend as it is, well, the weekend.A new lesson will be next week. As a reminder, when I mention "office hours" that is a specific time I am at my computer for help etc. However, where am I going to go? So I check it often during regular shool hours to help when and if I can. Scroll through these messages for reminders. Email me with questions.

Be safe and watch this space.



April 16-Good morning, please go to you class period for information on lessons.


Good Morning, April 15th, 2020

I am learning new technology as we go. As of today I want to give an update with the progress.

I am using Blackboard as a place to post messages such as this with directions for where to find lessons. I also have email of parents and students if they are up to date through the school Aeries system. I have sent two mass emails to students and parents, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. Such mass emails will not occur on a regular basis. You may of course email me with questions, but I am learning a new system. Through communication methods I have stated I am using Odysseyware for lessons. Students access the site at: the user name is first initial, last name and the password is their student ID number. From there students should be able to find the class they have with me and find the first assignment. No due date at this time as I am learning and want us all to take our time at the start. 

I know there is a great deal of technology being used and tested, please keep in touch

Watch this space.

Mr. Walrond



April 8: If you are able to acces this site of mine/ours, if you access assignments or work, please know what I have there is an effort to see if I can make this system work. If you are able to access and if you are able to email me-that would be great as it would let me know how this is doing. Where it says something is due on the 10, again that is not a due date but part of my testing of the system. Also the 10th is a holiday.

Watch this space


April 9-I am still working on setting up distance learning. Both Friday the 11th and Monday the 13th are non-school days for the Easter break. Please check back Tuesday. Again, nothing is due at this time

Be Safe

Watch this space



April 13-14th-Good afternoon and/or Morning.  I write this on Monday the 13th know it is a non-school day. I am doing this to begin the process of setting up work to start on Tuesday the 14. You do not have to start til the 14th. What does starting look like?

I will be using Odysseware for the class work for my classes: World History, US Goveernment and World Geography. Some students are familiar with this program; for many, myself included, these may be new. In order to access odysseyware, go to the following: User name is the first letter of your first name and then your last name. Password is your student ID number.  From there you should see the class you have with me and access the class. So far I have the following work for the classes (Ithink)

     World History-1. Political Effects of WWII

      Gov. 2-Purpose of Government

      Geography 2-What is Geography

As this is new, please work to access the class and work that applies to you. Please let me know what problems and success you are finding. My email is

If you are working on the work that is great, as we begin there is not a "due" date as yet. 

Watch this space.


Mr. Walrond