• Welcome back Fremont Families! I hope that you have all had a good summer. We all know that this year is going be new and challenging for everyone involved. The more that we stick together and support each other the better the outcome for the kids will be! I look forward in working with you all to make the best of the situation for our students.  

    Mission Statement: To expose our students to a variety of physical activities in a physical, mental, and emotional safe environment. 

     Distant Learning P.E.: Students get 2 P.E. (physical education) classes/sessions per week. I will be providing that for the students with video lesson, activities, and challenges. These will take place through my Bitmoji Virtual Classroom on Microsoft Teams and SeeSaw. Your student will be able to access the virtual classroom by going on to Teams or SeeSaw and finding the tab “Virtual P.E. Classroom.” Virtual Classroom: Here is where you will find everything that your student will need to complete and participate in P.E. There are 2 daily lesson red signs. Click on those red signs and it will give you access to the lessons (videos). Daily lesson #1 is for the first lesson of the week and daily lesson #2 is for the second day of P.E. for the week. There is a clipboard that says “Activity Log”, if you click on the clipboard it will direct you to a weekly physical activity log that you must fill out and submit at the end of each week (Due Friday 3:00pm). By completing the 2 daily lessons and the weekly activity log you will be earning you P.E. credit.  

    OPTIONAL: For those that want to do some extra there are 3 logos underneath the daily lessons (books, treadmill/running, me with foam finger) and by clicking on those they will give access to more assignments or videos. The books log will give you access to a P.E. research topic that you can research and find information about. The treadmill will be a bodyweight workout. The foam finger guy will be a fun/silly game to play with your family. All of those will change weekly along with the daily lessons. 


    Example:  Please go to Microsoft Teams to access the links for this page.


    As always please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

    Mr. Fuentes 



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