Mr. Gramlow

Phone: (925)779-7405 ext. 34014 and 510-779-2570 for my cell


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Social Sciences, cleared teaching credential from CSU East Bay, over 95 CEU's, and many more.

Mr. Gramlow


    My name is Mr. Gramlow.  I am a third grade teacher in Antioch, California.  I have worked as a teacher for 16 years, 14 of them in Antioch, and 11 of them at Fremont Elementary School.

    I look forward to seeing a new group of students that I can get to know and teach each year.

   The final week of this school year ends June 5.  That will be my last scheduled Webex meeting online.  However, if there are enough requests for more meetings to go over questions, address any concerns, or just to see each other and check-in with each other, I will email out an invititation for another meeting or a few over the summer.  If your email changes during the summer, please let me know by emailing me with your new address.  If you know that you won't be attending Fremont elementary when school resumes, please inform the office as soon as possible.

   All students that have Ipads or phones with internet access have the ability to continue their I-Ready lessons until July 27.  Please take advantage of this useful tool to continue learning and preparation for the next grade and school year.

                                                                                            Your teacher,

                                                                                            Mr. Gramlow

Please call my Google Voice number of:  510-779-2570  for any questions/concerns that need immediate attention.



  • The tabs on the left are important for your student's learning.  The calendar tab is where student's go first to find out what is suggested to work on each day and for what block of the day to work on it.  You may view the month, week, or day.  The Interesting Websites tab is where a student will link to learning opportunities and exploration.  Often, the internet links will be found on the calendar events listing.  The Important Files tab is where you will find documents that can be downloaded and/or printed for students to work on at their scheduled times.  Some of these files will be deleted as they need to make room for more files.

    I'd also like to remind you that PE, Computers, and Music also have lessons and activities each week for our students. Please visit their pages. I've linked to them to the right.

    Las pestañas de la izquierda son importantes para el aprendizaje de su estudiante. La pestaña calendario es donde el estudiante va primero para averiguar en qué se sugiere trabajar cada día y para qué bloque del día trabajar en él. Puede ver el mes, la semana o el día. La pestaña Sitios web interesantes es donde un estudiante se vinculará a oportunidades de aprendizaje y exploración. A menudo, los enlaces a Internet se encuentran en la lista de eventos del calendario. La pestaña Archivos importantes es donde encontrará documentos que se pueden descargar y/o imprimir para que los estudiantes trabajen en sus horarios programados. Algunos de estos archivos se eliminarán ya que necesitan hacer espacio para más archivos.

    También me gustaría recordarles que PE, Computers, and Music también tienen lecciones y actividades cada semana para nuestros estudiantes. Por favor, visite sus páginas. Me he vinculado a ellos a la derecha.