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Mr. Price

I'm glad you're here! 

If you're here from Fremont, or your browser sent you here from Orchard Park or Carmen Dragon, you're in the right place for Mr. Price's Music Classes.

My lessons for you will be on Teams. You can find them under the Assignments tab, either on the Music Team or on the left navigation bar. Each week will have some combination of me teaching, usually a pair of ~10 minute video segments, an activity at MusicPlayOnline, and some kind of Check-In as "student work," whether as a Questions Form or a simple worksheet in OneNote/Class Notebook (a part of Teams). All of my lessons are designed to be completed within a 45-minute time frame. That's the amount of time students would normally be with me each week.

I am allowing two weeks for each assignment to be turned in as "due," plus an additional two weeks of "Late Turn In" before the assignment closes. As an example:

The Music Lesson (Nov. 9-13) is Due Nov. 20. The last day for Late Turn In is two weeks after that, Friday, Dec. 4th.

Please look at the videos, activities, and Check-Ins / worksheets. Don’t forget to click the purple “Turn In” button only AFTER you have done all the parts.

If you have questions, my email is , or ask live through my Office Hours on the Teams Calendar. Thank you!

MusicPlayOnline (.com) is a supplemental resource of which the AUSD Music Teachers purchased a subscription to use for this year. That website is free to you, and you can visit it all year and have access to all of the materials Mr. Price is using and more. I encourage you to go, well, "play" there.

- Mr. Price

    Thank you for trying your best through a tough situation!

    Instrument Lessons are continuing through 2020-2021,
    but only for 2nd year players.

    I am sorry to have to say that
    Beginning players will have to wait until
    we are all back in person on the Fremont campus.

    I want you all to learn as much as you can,
    but I need us all to be safe in the process of doing that.

  • A Note About The Closure From Mr. Price

    I know these past months were difficult, and circumstances made it tough to work on your schoolwork.
    This summer, try to learn skills you don't always get to focus on:

    • Learn to sew, cook a meal, clean, take care of pets, first aid, create crafts (drawing, origami, photos).
    • Use YouTube to learn skills you would never get to normally: painting, singing, home decor, mapmaking, etc.
    • Make sure you are getting outside - or at least SUNLIGHT and fresh air - for a couple minutes a day, please!
    • Take the time to learn your family history, traditions, and medical history. If your parents and grandparents speak a language you do not, now is a good time to learn at least a bit.
    • Take the time to read - I don't care if it's fiction or not, manga, fanfiction, or comic book novels - but you need the time for imagination and visualization inside your own head.
    • Watch the news, pay attention to what is said and is NOT said. This world will be yours someday, and you need to know HOW it works politically, socially, and environmentally. Be determined to live with Facts, Not Fear.

    I miss you all, and I look forward to talking with you all again soon!
    Mr. Price