Traffic Procedures and Title 1 Information

  • Traffic Control  

    Drop-Off Procedures:

    We are working hard to improve the drop-off process at Marsh! When you enter the parking lot in the morning, please pull forward as far as you can before stopping to drop off your children. Ideally, students would be dropped off at the second opening in the front gate, closest to the cabana area (where the benches are located). Cones have been placed along the curb to protect the bus lane. To keep traffic moving, and to allow our Special Education buses access to the parking lot, parking along the curb in the drop off lane is prohibited. If you would like to park your car, please park in a parking space or along the street. Please encourage your children to have backpacks ready, so they can get out quickly and keep the drop-off lane moving. As always, please demonstrate respect and patience in the mornings, so that all oustudents can be dropped off and have a positive experience as they enter school. Thank you for your support in the mornings! 

    Pick-Up Procedures:

    Students are asked to wait in the cabana area (where the benches are located) for their rides. When you enter the parking lot, please pull all the way forward until you reach the opening in the gate near the cabana. There is only one lane of traffic for pick up. Teachers will be outside, along the gate, gathering and relaying names to students in the cabana. When students names are called, they will come to the yellow zone to get into their cars. In order to keep the flow of traffic moving, parking in the pick-up lane is not permitted. If you would like to park your car, please park in a parking space or along the street. To help with this process, student name cards were handed out at Back-to-School-Night. These name cards can be placed on the dash board or in the passenger window for the teachers on duty to read and then call for students. Thank you for your help during pick up!

Title 1 Information for Marsh Elementary School

  • Title 1 School-Level Parental Involvement Policy

    The school has the responsibility to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective environment that enables students to meet the state standards. Marsh Elementary School has developed a written Title I parental involvement policy with input from Title I parents at monthly ELAC meetings. It has distributed the policy to parents of Title I students through posting on the school website. Marsh Elementary School’s policy describes the means for carrying out the following Title I parental involvement requirements.
    [Title I Parental Involvement, 20 USC 6318(a)-(f)]

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    Escuela Título I - Política de participación de los padres a nivel escolar

    La escuela tiene la responsabilidad de proporcionar un plan de estudios e instrucción de alta calidad en un ambiente eficaz y con apoyo que permita a los estudiantes poder cumplir con los estándares estatales. La escuela primaria Marsh ha desarrollado una política por escrito sobre la participación de los padres del Título I con las aportaciones de los padres del Título I en las reuniones mensuales de ELAC. Ha distribuido la política a los padres de los estudiantes del Título I a través de la publicación en el sitio web de la escuela. La política de la Escuela Primaria Marsh describe los medios para llevar a cabo los siguientes requisitos de participación de los padres del Título I. [Título I Participación de los padres, 20 USC 6318(a)-(f)]

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    Student, Parent and Staff Compact

    It is important that families and schools work together to help students achieve high academic standards.  Through a process that included teachers, families, students, and community representatives, the following are agreed upon roles and responsibilities that we as partners will carry out to support student success in school and in life.

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    Pacto Entre Padres y el Personal

    Es importante que las familias y las escuelas trabajen en colaboración para ayudar a los estudiantes alcanzar altos estándares académicos. Por medio de un proceso que incluye a los maestros, familias, estudiantes y representantes de la comunidad, las siguientes funciones y responsabilidades han sido acordadas y se llevaran a cabo en colaboración, para apoyar el éxito de los estudiantes en la escuela y en la vida.

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