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Juliette Englehart

For distance learning, I will be using Seesaw to send lessons and emails.  I will use Microsoft Teams for class meetings.  You will need to access bothSeesaw and Teams through My Locker,, because it is a single sign-on.  Below you will find instructions on how to complete the access process.


  • SeeSaw is a digital learning platform utilized by our K-3 students. Students use built in tools to engage in learning and demonstrate their skills in a digital portfolio. Teachers are able to provide specific and authentic feedback to improve student learning and engage families throughout the process. This is a powerful learning platform for students, teachers, and families. 

How do I sign in as a student?

  • Initial SeeSaw Login: USE MyLocker
    • Log into MyLocker at
    • Once you have logged in, select the SeeSaw app in MyLocker. 
    • Use your student email: to log in. 
      • Once you have completed your initial login to SeeSaw, you will be able to use MyLocker to automatically sign in.  

 How do I sign in as a parent or family member?

  • To sign in as a parent/family member you can access your child's SeeSaw class through a web browser (use the link above) or the SeeSaw Parent and Family App on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.  The teacher will invite you to the class with a link through text or email:
  • Click on the link 
  • Select "Create Account" and complete the information. 

 You will find the direct links to access My Locker and videos that will help you sign on.

You will also find the resources listed below.

 Parent & Family Resource Links


  Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams is a digital learning platform, utilized by our 4-12th grade students, that brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together into one place allowing teachers to create a vibrant learning environment. Teams allows teachers to build collaborative and engaging learning opportunities from a distance.  AUSD students in grades TK-12 will additionally use Teams as their virtual classroom meeting platform.


Once you are into My Locker, you will have access to Teams, scroll down until you find it.  You will receive an invitation to all meetings in both an email and in Teams on the calendar.  Access to meetings are in both as well, email and calendar.


 Please email me if you need help signing up for these platforms.