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Miss Hansen


Dear Kimball Families, 

The laptops are to be returned the week of June 8th so they can be serviced for the new school year. The computers must be returned on the dates below.    ALL student laptops will be dropped off at Antioch Middle School.

Friday June 12th: TK- 2nd Grade, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Antioch Middle School

Monday June 15th: Make-up day for all grade levels 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Antioch Middle School

Choose from the following list of Activity Choices for the Last Week of School. Choose 1 activity each day.

Activity Choices for the Last Week of School

Remember to send me a photo of your activity.  I look forward to seeing what you've done!

Here’s our end of year video. It is on Facebook and Kimballs's website.

Our Last Lions R.O.A.R. Recognition Video for this year! Check it out!!!

The Lions R.O.A.R.(Realize your potential, Own your learning, And Rise to the occasion)

Kimball Lions ROAR

Mrs. Denovi and the After School Program staff made a video for our students. The link is below.

Office Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 10:00-11:00am through the Reminder app.

i-Ready Reading at least 45+ minutes per week

i-Ready Math at least 45+ minutes per week

*AR books - Each day read books from home or online.  Online you can read and/or listen to them. Remember to read/listen to each book at least 5 times and ask yourself . . . Do I know the characters? The setting? What happens first, next, then, last in the story?  If you can answer these questions, then you are ready to take an AR quiz.  Remember, you answer the qustions without peeking in the book or getting help from someone.

If you missed any of the activites, they are still available for you to do:

Complete one ELA phonics/grammar page or activity per day

Complete one Math page/activity per day

How to draw - if you'd like to draw some of the animals and shapes we've drawn together or something new, look in how to draw for the directions.  Have fun!

Complete at least one Computer activity per week  Ms. Adams

Complete at least one PE activities per week  Mr. Ezidro

Complete at least one Music activity per week.  Mrs. Benton

View Silkworms - This week watch video 11 (the last one!) Then complete the My Moth Report page.

Complete a  JA Junior Achievement lesson not done.  Junior Achievement is a program to help children learn and understand social studies concepts about their neighborhood, jobs in their neighborhood, and beginning concepts such as needs verses wants.

Virtual Field Trips - Have your child choose a field trip.  Take it. Then write 3-5 sentences about what he/she has learned; what he/she liked/didn't like; what he/she would like to learn more about and why.    

Ms. Fernandez is available for those students who would like to say "Hi" or talk.

Mrs. Long's  AUSD Reading Corner:

English as a Second Language students:

Here is a link to ideas and activities to help with learning English as a second language.


Spring pictures update: The students at Kimball had their spring pictures taken on March 13th, the last day we were in school. I contacted Lifetouch and have the following information for you:

-- Pictures have not been processed as the labs have been closed due to COVID19.
-- Once pictures are processed, they will be delivered to the school for distribution.
-- If parents would like the pictures mailed to their home rather than being delivered to the school, please call Lifetouch at 800-736-4753.
-- If parents would like a refund for prepaid pictures, please call Lifetouch at 800-736-4753.

I would recommend calling to have your pictures mailed to your home, rather than sent to the school. I hope this information helps. If you have any further questions, please check the Lifetouch website:

Christie Steiner