• Welcome to Room 12

    Welcome to Room 12. In fourth grade, your student will be learning many new skills
    and building on what they have previously learned. We will continue to work on
    the multiplication facts memorized in third grade. We will expand our writing from
    one paragraph to five paragraphs. We will study California's history from Native
    Americans to the Gold Rush. This is the year that students are expected to take more
    responsibility for their own work and success.

    Students will keep track of their own books, supplies, and materials. Please provide
    a safe space for your child to work at home and keep materials safe from others.

    Regular attendance is very important. Concepts are taught in a manner that builds on the previous day's lesson.  Missing a day can leave a huge gap.  Come to school every day unless truly sick.

    1) Read every day for 20 minutes.
    2) Math homework will be given 3 - 4 times per week.
    3) Practice math facts 10 minutes a day (see below) until memorized.
    4) Do not stress about homework. Just do your best, but do not spend more
    than 30 minutes on a math sheet. Put it away and try another day.

    Continue to memorize all multiplication facts up to 10 x 10. Your child should know
    basic addition and subtraction facts (what makes 10, how to add doubles, how to
    regroup, and how to subtract across zeroes. This must be practiced frequently
    until memorized.

    In fourth grade, we learn double-digit multiplication using place value (box method
    and partial products). Do not expect it to look like the algorithm older students use.

    Your child will need scissors, crayons, and a glue stick at home. Wide-ruled writing
    paper (binder paper) will also be needed.

    If you have any computer problems, please contact the Antioch Unified Help Desk
    at 925-779-7676 or email them at helpdesk@antiochschools.net

    Please sign up for the Aeries Portal. Instructions are available on AUSD's website.

    From Kimball's website, you can click on my name to access my webpage. I will keep it
    updated with information about assignments, helpful websites, class codes, and other
    needed information.

    The best way to contact me is through email at karenvargas@antiochschools.net.

    Karen Vargas