Home School

Welcome to Distance Learning!

  • My dearest families,
    I truly hope you are all doing okay during this very stressful time.  I can only imagine what everyone is going through.  It is my hope that our home schooling assignments do not stress you out!  I am working very hard on making this completely Kindergarten appropriate.  There are families without computers and printers.  I do not feel that you should have to print things at home.  With that being said, we finally have some answers and direction from the district on how we will be trying to continue our schooling with all of your kiddos.
    I have to apologize for my many emails from Webex.  I am still trying to work with it and test it along with some IT help from family.  My goal is to be available for you and your student from 11-12 M-F through Webex.  When I get this figured out, you should be able to login to the invitation and join our group.  You can login from your phone, IPAD, computer.  (I think!)  We can see each other and catch up!  Eventually, I can read stories, do mini lessons, etc.  That is the goal...so we'll see!
    I have put together 3 packets of work to cover the weeks of April 13th, April 20th, and April 27th.  Each day has an English Language Arts page and a Math page, along with a request to do one Reading and one Math I-Ready lesson (if you have a computer), along with a note like "read your sight words from your folder".  I have put these packets into your child's homework folder.  If I did not have your child's homework folder, I made a new one for them.  (They are Clorox Wiped!)  I am bringing these to the school today and you may pick them up on Monday, the 13th.  You'll have a choice to have your child do these lessons on their own or they can go to our Webex meeting daily and we'll do it together!  (That's the goal!)  Next week is a "soft rollout" to see if we can get many of you and your kiddos connected with us.
    Please email me at anytime.  I will be trying to call each one of you today just to say "hi" and to see if you have any questions.  Hope you are staying sane and staying healthy!  
    Talk to you soon!  Much love,
    Mrs. Brown