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Ms. Sharlyn Blanchard

Hello Third Grade Friends,

We have finally made it to our last week of third grade! Thank you parents for helping your child with online learning this year. I could not have done it without your help and it is greatly appreciated! I have greatly missed working with your child these last few months in the classroom. I missed their kind hearts, beautiful faces, and watching them interact with their friends in the classroom and on the playground. Thank you for an awesome and unforgettable year!!!

Monday, June 1st is the last day to pick up your classroom belongings and turn in your library book between 10am and 11am if you have not done so already. Also, if you have checked out a district computer, your scheduled day to return the computer is Thursday, June 11th between 9am and 3pm at Antioch Middle School.

You will find your class assignments for the week of June 1st-4th on the "Weekly Assignments" tab on the left side of this page for the most up to date information. Please select one language and one math assignment to complete daily this week. You will complete all of the assignments by the end of the week. In the attachments, answer keys are provided to most assignments to correct the work. We will be focused on reviewing, so just do the best you can. Also, there is no reason to print out the assignments if you want to save your printer ink. You can write your answers on paper. 

In addition to the Weekly Assignments, you need to complete 20 minutes of math and 20 minutes of reading a day on i-Ready. I will be checking your minutes each week to make sure you have completed them. As always, please continue to leisure read 30 minutes or more a day. I will be adding websites you can select books from on the "Interesting Web Resources" tab as I come across it. Also, I included some fun, optional lessons you may do on your "Can Do Fun Virtual Assignments" tab.

 My "office hour" is from 9 to 10 AM where I am available to answer questions immediately.

Please email me on Friday to let me know how you did on your assignments. You can send me a picture in an email of your assignments.

I am excited to once again being able to learn with you!

Ms. Blanchard