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Welcome to Physical Education with Mr. Torres

Welcome to Mr. Torres's Physical Education class! I hope everyone is doing well during this difficult time. We are going to try our best to continue staying healthy. I know many of you may or may not have a backyard, sports equipment or someone to play with you so I will give you a variety of ideas to choose from. I will be posting videos weekly of things I would like you to work on;however, do not stress over completing all the tasks just try some. I would recommend short daily exercise/games of 20-30 minutes twice a day to keep you fit. We will also have a bone(s) of the week.

  • Total Fitness Time should be  45 minutes per day twice a week during your P.E. time. If you can do more go for it! There is a Youtube link on the bottom of my page with other videos that will help. Please be safe when using online resources by only viewing the links Mr. Torres has provided. Also, please report any issues with content you feel is inappropriate. Feel free to email me questions or concerns you may have. My office hours are 8-9am Mon-Fri. First Week of school: Exercise for 45 minutes! you may choose activies from my website or othe physical activies that you can safely perform with your parent approval.

    See a sample schedule below.  

Extra Fun P.E. Videos