Ms. Cynthia Leonard

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Ms. Cynthia Leonard

Welcome to Ms. Leonard's page!  This is my seventh year of teaching at Turner Elementary school and I could never ask for more.  I graduated from UC Davis and I love spending time with my family, working out, and taking my little chiweenie dog for walks. 


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National Geographics

Winning TEAM for Camera on and Classroom Competitions: TEAM 3!!!!!!!!!!   

Top Students on iReady Goals:             

Completed Assignments 100% this week:  Choose a reward.  

Top AR scores:       


Schedule for Monday, January 25, 2021   

8:00-8:45    Merry Monday!  I'll see you on MicrosoftTEAMS for a check-in.  1) Work on your President Report/PE/Music

8:45-9:30   iReady Time!  Be sure to complete your Diagnostic Testing.  Complete 45 minutes of MATH.       

9:30-9:45     Recess!  Time for a break.  Use the restroom/have a snack   

9:45-11:15  No MicrosoftTEAMS Meeting: 1) Complete McGraw Hill Math  

11:15-12:00   Lunch 

12:00-1:30    No MicrosoftTEAMS Meeting:  

1:30-2:00  Fun Friday:  A round of Sparkle (10 points? 50 points?),  Multiplication Contest, ASSIGNMENTS, Staring Contest, Rock Paper Scissors, Four Corners.    

2:00-3:00      1)Complete any unfinished work:  MicrosoftTEAMS Assignments, iReady, EPIC and AR Testing. Work on your President Report.

Make it a great day! 

Previous Assignments: 

Cut out "My Vocabulary Cards".  Glue them to your Notebook. 

Presidents of the United States of America<---click here on MyLocker - Must complete "Getting Started" and "Reaching Out"

 Write the 8 Vocabulary Words with definitions in your notebook: civilization, complex, cultivate, devise, fashioned, resourceful, shortage, and tormentors.        


TEAM 1: Mario, Kolb, Aryanna, Jaqueline, Jocelyn, Jessica, Jayla, William, Hector, and Francesca  Points:56

TEAM 2: Sergio, Mohammad, Julian, Micheal, Maria, Anahi, Joseph, Angel, and Mackenzie     Points: -14

TEAM 3: Yasamean, Kaidyn, Victor, Melissa, Krystel, Cameron, Bryan, Chloe, James, and Silas     Points:33

 Maria-Computer Pass

Cameras ON:  

Rewards for iReady and Assignments: Computer Pass, Homework Pass, Treat from the Turner Office, 50 Points for your TEAM, choose a friend to join your winning TEAM in the "Break Out Room".   

Reward for TEAM with Cameras on:  Break out Room Party for 15 minutes (during class time)! Every Tuesday 1:00-1:15.  

No Ties....If TEAMS have the same amount of points, we will have a Mulitplication Competition :)  Be ready!   

Our Secret Codes:

Readworks  Class code: GG34C2 Password:  1234 

EPIC :  Class code:  btv9454  

STAR Testing: Go to MyLocker.  Choose Renaissance and click on STAR Reading.  Password: turner or admin
















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