Miss Dinner

Phone: 925-779-7465 (School) 925-979-5116 (Distance Learning)


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in English- Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR Teaching Credential - General Education- Cal State East Bay Special Education Credential Mild/Moderate - Brandman University CLAD Certification Autism Certification

Miss Dinner


All assignments will be posted in Microsoft Teams. You will need to set up an account if you have not done so. Please check the Microsoft Teams How to Page for help in setting up. If you need support, you can contact me at nicoledinner@antiochschools.net or contact AUSD's tech support to help you.

Expectations for Time Online for Resource:

No more than 30 minutes a day on assignments. A general guide:

1st/2nd/3rd - 15-30 minutes

4th/5th/6th - 20-30 minutes

Ms. Dinner's Office Hours and Check-In Times:

My office hours and check-in time will depend on which grade you are in. Take a look! These are everyday Monday Through Friday. 

1st/2nd/3rd - 10-11 AM

Virtual Office Hour for parent questions - 11:00-11:30 AM

4th/5th/6th- 1-2 PM

Office Hours - 6th Grade Distance Learning Schedule


10:00-11:15  Science/Math integrated units with Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Barnes (75 minutes each Tuesday and Thursday)

11:30-12:45  ELA/Social Studies lessons with Mrs. Howell (75 minutes a day)

1:00-2:00 Resource Support for IEP students (complete 15-30 minutes a day of assignments by Mrs. Dinner and Mrs. Miller)


You choose the day and time, but all 6th graders complete this weekly, at 72% accuracy or above:  

45 minutes I Ready Math weekly

30 minutes I Ready ELA weekly


Students will receive "Participation" grades on for completing assignments and meeting with their teachers, and "No Mark" for non-participation.


Parents may contact teachers during their office hours: 

Mrs. Barnes: 8:00-8:30 daily

Mrs. Howell:  8:30-9:30 daily

Mrs. Davis:  9:30-10:00 daily

Mrs. Dinner:  11:00-11:30 daily

Place a note that the electives of Computer Class, Music Class, and PE shall be a min. of 15 minutes a day (or 75 minutes a week) for each class.  Encourage students to do more than 15 min., based on interest.