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Mno Grant Kindergarten

Welcome to the Blackboard site of Mrs. Kelley and Mrs. Henley

Thank you for everything you did to make both the on-campus portion and the distance learning portion of the year as successful as possible.   We encourage you to keep using iReady until it expires July 27th and keep engaging as a family through walks, playing games, cooking, gardening, doing science experiments, etc. Using dice to play a game, having to explain something with complete sentences, comparing bedtime story plotlines.... It all matters!

Have a great summer!


  • Dinner Table Topics

    • Math: How long does it take to freeze otter pops? (Feels like FOREVER)  How long does it take to eat a popsicle?
    • Language: How many words can you make out of: SUMMER VACATION?  sun, tan, team... Write it down somewhere and work on it all summer!
    • Social Studies: Keep track of all of the mountians, camp sites, lakes, rivers, reservoirs you visit this summer.  Which was the hottest?  Which was the most crowded?
    • Science: How hot is it today?  If you don't have a thermometer, have someone show you how to check it online.
    • Health: Are you getting more or less sleep during summer than you did during the school year?
    • Social Justice:  What did you do today that made someone else's life better, easier or made them feel supported?