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Welcome to the Blackboard site of Mrs. Kelley!

I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year!  The bad news is that I am on an unexpected medical leave until January 4, 2021.  The good news is that Mrs. Rotman will start the year out for me.  Mrs. Rotman not only taught 4th and 5th grades here at Mno Grant for a number of years but was also my job share partner in kindergarten for three years.  Your kindergartner is going to be in the best possible hands to start out this unprecedented year.  

Because of this situation, assignments and/or links may come from Mrs. Henley's site. (I've had the fortune of working with Mrs. Henley for 21 years!) As Mrs. Rotman sets up her website, See Saw links, etc. during my absence, please feel free to browse, search, and comment on Mrs. Henley's site. The link below will take you directly to her page.

 Mrs. Henley's Website

  • Dinner Table Topics

    • Math: How long does it take to freeze otter pops? (Feels like FOREVER)  How long does it take to eat a popsicle?
    • Language: How many words can you make out of: SUMMER VACATION?  sun, tan, team... Write it down somewhere and work on it all summer!
    • Social Studies: Keep track of all of the mountians, camp sites, lakes, rivers, reservoirs you visit this summer.  Which was the hottest?  Which was the most crowded?
    • Science: How hot is it today?  If you don't have a thermometer, have someone show you how to check it online.
    • Health: Are you getting more or less sleep during summer than you did during the school year?
    • Social Justice:  What did you do today that made someone else's life better, easier or made them feel supported?