Hello  everyone! 

    Hope you're finally enjoying your summer!

    You can still create your email. Follow the instructions. Go to the search bar and type in (launchpad.classlink.com/antioch.usd). It will prompt you on to how to set up your email. Set up your password( easy to remember -like- I like unicorns, something you can remember) you'll have to set up some security questions, then you'll see some apps across the top, Click on 365, more apps will appear,Click on the app that is purple with a Capital T and 2 stick figures. Having your email set up will help you as you'll be using it in 2nd grade.

     *Here is a suggested schedule for on-line learning during the summer: Choose something when you're needing something to do..but remember to have some fun too!

    Language Arts:  (IReady through June maybe longer, Raz, ) Choose something to do in readingto keep sharp over the summer (Read Read Read)

    Writing: Keep a summer journal for fun and practice.

    Math : IReady Practice your math facts addition through 10 and subtraction through 10. 

    Science: Mystery Science,Science Reading from Raz Kids.

    ART - Check the web site for Mo Wilhems, drawing with an author.

    **Word List F  - often,world,want,different,together,school,once,enough,sometimes, four. Read these words and use them in your writing if you can. This is the last list of Part I. You can continue to practice these words over the summer. You'll be ready for 2nd grade!

    Websites - Go to Interesting Web pages and click on the url for the desired site. Look for new ones I've added.

    Have some fun learning on these websites.

     Optional Activties:

    Visit a National Park virtually,  Click here:  National Parks

    Draw with Mo Wilhems, click here:  Draw with an author

    Read with the public library and get rewarded, Click here :  Library

    Listen to a book, great website, click here:   Storyline

    More reading fun with scholastic and the magazine Highlights,  Click here:  Scholastic, click here:  Highlights 

    My email address is:  patmacbeath@antiochschools.net.

    Stay Safe and have a nice summer!