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    April 19th - 24th, 2021

    Tuesday, April 20th - Student centers begin. All studeents will continue to do all Teams meetings and activities, There may be a slight change in meeting times. I will send out an email as soon as that is available with changes, if there are any.

    Please have your child review and learn the District First Grade Sight Words List A through F. I will begin testing students this week to see how far they've come since our last testing in January.

    Sight Word  Lists:

    List A- the,of,a,to,you,was,are,they,from,have.

    List B - one,what,were,there,your,their,said,do,many,some.

    List C - would,other,into,two,could,been,who,people,only, find,

    List D - water,very,word,where,most,through,another,come,work.does.

    List E-  put,again,old,great,every,should,give,something,thought,both.

    List F - often,world,want,diffeent, together,school,once,enough,sometimes.


    Practice these words. Start with list A  IF YOUR CHILD KNOWS MOST OF THE WORDS ON A LIST, make flash cards to practice those words they're still learning and move on to the next. Do that with each the list.


    Daily schedule

    We start meeting at 8:30. Some of you are still coming in late. Let's try and be ready with your materials for the class and in the waiting room by 8:25.

    8:30-9:15.  -Morning work with teacher

    9:15-9:45 Seesaw/I Ready

    9:45- 10:15 Reading/Language Arts. with teacher

    10:15 -11:00 Small group reading/ Seesaw/ I Ready

    11:00- 11:15 Writing with teacher

    11:15- 12:00  P. E.-Tuesday and Wednesday -Music - Friday

    (11:00-11:30 Thursday's only - Writing, and 11:30-12:00 - Seesaw/ I Ready)

    12:00 - 12:30 - Lunch

    12:30- 1:00 - Math with teacher

    1:00 -  Dismissal

    ***Remember to only click on the "join" button on calendar on the Teams calendar page. You won't be admitted into the meeting until "I" start the meeting. Bring the folder for the class we're doing and the items listed on the Team invite page.

    **When you log into SeeSaw, click on the Inbox and then click  Announcements for the daily work for this week. Click on Activities for the assignments for each day. 

    ** You will  find your work for Mondays on my announcement page on SeeSaw.

    Continue to practice how to be responsible during our Team Meetings: being prepared and on time, muting yourself when class has begun and being  a good listener. Most of you are folllowing these procedures. 

     **  Find a quiet place without distractions when we begin our school day each morning, and keep all your materials in the cardboard tray, so you'll have them when you need them for classwork.

    Please check your folders and be sure the appropriate materials are in each folder. They should be with you when you begin class. Keep reading books with your Blue Folders, and your math book with your Red Math Folder. All writing journals an paper for writing, belong in your Green Folder. As we use sleeves to write on daily, keep them handy along with a dry erase pen. 

     **Additional Websites will be found on the Interesting Web page.

    Go to Interesting Web pages and click on the url for the desired site. Look for new ones I've added. I will continually add sites for you to visit as the school year goes on.

    **Have some fun learning on these websites.

     Read with the public library and get rewarded, Click here :  Library

    Listen to a book, great website, click here:   Storyline

    More reading fun with scholastic and the magazine Highlights,  Click here:  Scholastic, click here:  Highlights 

    My email address is:  patmacbeath@antiochschools.net.