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    12/10/19 Homework update

    Most students have finished their i-Ready assessments. You can try resuming homework lessons. If there are no lessons listed, it means they haven't finished with their assessment yet. 

    Continue working on addition and subtraction math facts.

    Here's a couple of drawing links for kids to do at home for fun.


    Christmas Tree

    Santa's Workshop

    Christmas Penguin




    The students are testing on i-Ready this week and part of next. There are no lessons for homework until they have finished with assessment #2. Once that is complete at school, the computer will generate new lessons to help develop the skills each student needs to improve. Remind your child to do their very best so that the lessons won't be too easy.

    Until then, the students should work on making flashcards for addition and subtraction. Below you will find printable flashcards for both addition and subtraction.


    Addition Flashcards

    Subtraction Flashcards


    Below you will also find links for addition and subtraction online practice.

    Online Addition Facts

    Online Subtraction Practice

     They can also use Prodigy for more math practice.


    9/30/19 - CLASS CODE = E05178 - New program for students to use. It's called Prodigy and it also builds math skills. At first students will be taking a computer generated placement test. If the students are doing this at home, they can have no help from siblings or parents in answering questions as the results may enter the student in a higher level than they can do. THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK!

    HOMEWORK: this remains the same. But since i-Ready is struggling to keep up with demand I've come up with another tool to keep them learning and having fun.

    -Ready has been having online problems today (9/25/19). If your child can't get online tonight, don't worry about it. The company is hoping to get it fixed right away.

    9/25/19 - NOTE: District wants each student to work on i-Ready for 60 - 98 minutes each week. That 30-49 minutes for math and 30-49 minutes for reading. If your child just does what I assign weekly for mintues, they will always be over and that's great when something comes up and they can't get online for a night.


    9/23/19 - No changes to homework.


    9/9/19 - No changes to homework.

    NOTE: If your child is reading the paper booklets at home, please make sure they bring them back to school each day in their homework folders. I wanted to hear a few read last Friday and couldn't because they didn't bring their books. I have also been giving these students 15 minutes in class on the computer to work on i-Ready since they have no internet access at home. 


    9/3/19 - Some students do not have internet access at home so I am supplementing their homework with paper homework. You will see the booklet in your child's homework folder if this pertains to you. Please have your child read the booklet several times during the week, and sign the reading log. This way I can keep track of how much reading they're doing. Other wise, there is no change to the online homework. The homework schedule is under 8/26/19.


    8/26/19 - This week, students can begin using the i-Ready link to work on computer generated lessons based on the results of their assessment. All students have completed the reading portion of the assessment. There are still 8 students who need to finish the Math portion. If your child doesn't see a lesson in math, they haven't finished their assessment and won't have lessons in math until it's completed.

    This is the HW schedule your child should use.   

    i-Ready Math lessons Mon. - Thur.

    i-Ready Reading lessons Mon & Wed only 

    Tues & Thur go to the reading room in Raz-Kids

        i-READY                  RAZ-KIDS            

    Math            Reading

      Monday:             15 min               15 min       Bring library book back on Tuesday

    →  Tuesday:             15 min                0 min        15 min in the Reading Room   

    →  Wednesday:        15 min               15 min                                                      

    →  Thursday:           15 min                0 min         15 min in the Reading Room   

    →  Friday:                   NO HOMEWORK                                                                  


    8/19/19 - Students will typically have homework Monday through Thursday. It will mainly be the same each week. However, until the i'Ready assessments are finished at school, there will be no i'Ready homework. There will be Raz-Kids reading homework. In the meantime, I have assigned each student 2 books at their current reading levels. They are to finish both books by Thursday night. So they should plan to read for 10-15 minutes each night.

    Students are to do 3 things for each book: (Link is listed above).

                       1. Listen to the book online  

                      2. Read the book themselves online       

                      3. Take a quiz online