• WELCOME TO 2020/2021!!!!!

    I am so excited that we're about to start school!  I hate that I can't be there with you in the school building, hanging out in the music room, getting ready for the year; but I will see your lovely faces on Teams Meetings!

    Students, you all have an assigned time for meeting, which I will post here as a separate post and in the Calendar, as well as on the appropriate platforms (Remind for parents, SeeSaw for 1st-3rd, and Teams for 4th-6th).  At the moment, because all things are subject to change in this new brave world of ours, the goal is for me to prepare a short video for you giving you the lesson before we actually meet, a 15-20 minute class where we go over what we've learned in the video and put it into practice, and then I'll set you free for a short project or practice.

    Instrumental students, we will begin in September, somewhere after the middle of the month.  To start, I will only be teaching returning 5th and 6th grade students, on an instrument they have already played.  Don't worry 4th graders, Imma gonna get you in there!

    The cool thing about this year is how many different online platforms we are going to explore, which will open you all up to really cool ways for you to learn to express yourselves.

    Oh, and for great fun, every class will (eventually) have their own instrument they are working on.

    1st-2nd, Rhythm Kits

    3rd, Xylophones

    4th, Recorders

    5th, Harmonicas

    6th, year split between Ukuleles and Bucket Drumming


    All of the instruments are being collected now and put together and we will have a special music hand-out day for all families.


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  • Tuesday, 5/26/2020

    Today marks the beginning of the end of this school year my friends.  Friday is our last day.  I know it isn't the end of the year that any of us expected or wanted, but for those of you who have been checking in on your music lessons, I hope you've found some fun and some joy and something new in them.  Today you all have the same lesson.  We'll split off tomorrow, but there is so much fun music in our podcast that I thought I'd just share it with all of you.  Go to your grade level and listen away!

    Missing you,

    Mrs. Tuning

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  • Friday, 5/22/2020

    It's Friday, your free day. If you're just checking in to music because you've been swamped elsewhere, find the start of either April or May and work through the lessons.  They're all relatively short.

    NEXT WEEK: We only have next week left! Remember, Monday is a holiday!

    Have a great weekend.

    Mrs. Tuning

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    Oh it was SO GOOD to see your smiling faces yesterday at the parade.  I've missed you all so very much.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  And if you couldn't make it to the parade, please know you were missed.

    I hope you enjoy your lessons today.  We're closing up our study of opera.  I truly hope it has inspired you to listen to different kinds of music!


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  • Wednesday, 5/20/2020

    Welcome to Wild Wednesday.  Grown-ups, do you remember the Bugs Bunny opera videos?  Well, today my young friends, you get to share in the experience most of your grown-ups had.  As we explore opera a bit more, go on a wild chase with Bugs!  Head on over to your grade level tab and enjoy!

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  • Tuesday, 5/19/2020

    Good morning everyone!  It is 8:56 here in Mrs. Tuning-land.  The garden has been watered, the little chicks put out in their pen and I'm getting ready to upload your lessons for today.  They should be up by 9:00.

    We're down to our last two weeks of school.  If you haven't heard yet, we are ending all classes on Friday, May 29th.  Woohoo, early summer, right?

    I'M LOOKING FOR SOME VOLUNTEERS!  I'm going to keep digging into these online programs which we may well be integrating in the Fall.  I need to find some students who don't need to do homework, but who can and will check on the programs as I enter things over the summer and let me know that you can see them and that they work.  If you'd be interested, please let me know.

    ALSO, RETURN YOUR INSTRUMENTS.  BAND, STRING, AND RECORDER INSTRUMENTS.  All need to be returned.  If you didn't return it yesterday, then you'll have another chance next Monday.  If you need to make other arrangements, please let me know.

    FINALLY, BEFORE YOU GO DO YOUR LESSONS, please be sure to come to the Drive-By Parade tomorrow at school.  I'd love to see some of your wonderful faces!

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  • Thursday, 5/14/2020


    Finally, we get to listen to Scheherazade!!!!  Like I said this is some of my favorite music so I hope you really enjoy it as I do.

    You'll be listening to a shortened version (called an arrangement) as performed by the Livermore-Amador Symphony Youth Orchestra from Livermore, CA.


    Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow,

    Mrs. T

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  • Wedneday, 5/13/2020

    As I mentioned yesterday, today I'm going to begin to share one of my favorite pieces of music by Rimsky-Korsakov....Scheherazade.



    She is the teller of stories 1001 Arabian Nights and these stories are where we get our modern Aladdin from.


    Today, all you have to do is read the story that I have written up for you.  Tomorrow, we'll listen to the music and discuss it.  Enjoy!

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  • Tuesday, 5/12/2020

    Wow, we've only got three weeks left!  I hope that many of you are enjoying these lessons, whether you're emailing me responses or not.  (Though I wish you would email responses to me.)

    Anyway, this week ALL of us are learning about a really nice dude.  I mean, look at this guy, doesn't he look like a sweet old grandpa???



    This is Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and he's one of my favorite composers.  To find out why, and to listen to some of his music, you'll have to go to your grade-level lesson and read on!

    See you tomorrow!

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  • Monday, 5/11/2020

    Remember, your week with me starts on Tuesday.  Have a great day getting a head start on your other school work, enjoy the sunshine but social distance, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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  • Thursday, 5/7/2020

    Good Morning Grizzlies!  Want to dance with me?  It is time for Salsa!  I so love Salsa, the basic steps aren't hard, its tons of fun, and the music is so lively.

    There are lessons under each of your grade levels.  You're all learning basically the same thing, but big kids, yours might be a little more in-depth.

    But when you're all done and you just want some fun, come back to this link, grab your grown-up and dance the salsa!


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  • Wednesday, 5/6/2020

    Good morning Grant Families!!!  Isn't it a beautiful day out there today!  I hope you get a chance to take a walk in the sunshine (don't forget your masks)!  I'm looking at my African Violets on my windowsill, along with some stuffed animals and figurines students have given me, and being so glad I get to keep working with you!

    Today we're still spending time in Mexico but focusing on Mariachi music.  K-3, you have a similar lesson. 4th-6th, you have the same lessons but with some additional requirements.  Remember, if you have an older brother or sister at Grant, now is the time to work through this together.  We've been given the gift of family time, let's use it!  And hey, if you don't have a brother or sister or cousin that lives with you, grab a grown-up and get them to learn with you!

    Enjoy the music and dance along!

    Mrs. Tuning

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  • Tuesday, May 5, 2020

    We're in the last month of school my friends.  I hope you're all doing well.  My baby chickens are growing rapidly and my garden seeds have sprouted.  I'm filling my time while missing all of you.

    I hope you all like Latin music!!  Today is Cinco de Mayo so for today, you ALL have the same lesson so you can learn together if you have brothers in sisters.  Hispanic families, if I've missed something, please know I'm going to be spending the month on Latin music *and* I'd love your input.

    OK students, click on your grade level and get to this week's work.

    Mrs. Tuning

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  • Thursday, 4/30/2020

    We're halfway through the week now folks.  I'm hearing from more and more of you, which is great, because I miss you and when I hear from I get a huge smile on my face and in my heart!

    Check out today's assignment and I'll see you tomorrow!

    Mrs. Tuning

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  • Wednesday, 4/29/2020

    I almost forgot to update my Welcome Page for today!  There are assignments under the grade tabs.  Dig in and have fun.  I miss you all.  

    Mrs. Tuning

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  • Tuesday, 4/28/2020

    Hi Music Friends:

    I hope you've been doing well during this "Stay-At-Home" time.  I spent my weekend planting a garden and playing with my new baby chicks.  I also put in some time finding some things for you to work on musically that I hope you'll enjoy.

    All lessons are posted for today and I'll see you tomorrow!

    Mrs. Tuning

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  • 4/23/2020

    Good morning all!  Lessons are up and posted.  I hope you enjoy today's lessons.  I miss hearing from you!  Please email me a note to let me know how you are doing, ok?  Along with any assignments, right?

    Take care today and enjoy the sunshine SAFELY!  (You know, sunscreen and stay home.)

    See you tomorrow!

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  • 4/21/2020 Instrumental Announcement

    Hey everyone.  I'm having some trouble getting into my SmartMusic Account so I can send you all invites.  As soon as they've worked this out, I will get you all invites.

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  • 4/21/2020 Morning Announcement

    Good morning all.  Assignments are up for the day.  The sun is shining.  And, we are all doing our part to keep each other safe.  Enjoy your lessons for today and I'll see you tomorrow morning!

    Mrs. T

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  • Monday, 4/20/2020

    Good morning all music students.

    I know some of you are just getting online and checking out your teacher pages.  Since I'm only supposed to give you an hours worth of instruction per week and I'm trying to give your 15 minutes per day....I've decided that Monday will be the day I'm going to give you a break.  You get some time to get into the groove for the week, can now go back and check out what you missed from last week, and be ready for tomorrow.

    CATCH THAT?  Be ready tomorrow!  Come back here and check out your grade level.  I'm going to start moving you over to MicroSoft Teams through this week and next.  Instrumentalists, be ready for SmartMusic tomorrow.

    Be safe, enjoy the sunshine!

    Mrs. T

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  • Friday, 4/17/2020

    Well, we've made it through our first week of music online learning.  I'm really hoping that more and more of our friends will find our online classes.  When you talk to your friends over text or messaging (or old fashioned calling them), remind them that Mrs. Tuning has music lessons set up just like their teachers do.

    K-2nd grade, you've got Dancing Friday waiting for you so head on over and click away.

    3rd grade, you've got Dancing Friday *and* Recorder Practice.

    4th grade, you've got more Vivaldi to do, but please feel free to into the 3rd grade tab and learn more about the Recorder practice resources there.

    5th and 6th grade, finish up the Vivaldi.  You've got an assignment due on Monday.  I'll think of something new for you for next week.

    Don't forget, I'm available by phone or email from 11:00-12:00 as you need me.  You email me at any time.

    Be safe and stay home,

    Mrs. T

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  • No internet 4/16/2020


    I woke up this morning to no internet. Good grief, how can I post lessons? So, today you all get a breather from music lessons!

    BUT, check back here tomorrow as your last lesson for this week will be up!

    Enjoy your day, 

    Mrs. T

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  • 4/15/2020

    Good Morning Mno Grant & Carmen Dragon Families!

    First, let me welcome Carmen Dragon kids to our Music Place.  I'm sorry I can't post this on Carmen Dragon's website, but they only give me a webpage on my homeschool site.  But hey, you can still access the music assignments here.

    Speaking of which, assignments for all grades are up for today.  Please follow the instructions and remember, if you have problems you can email or call.  Office hours are 11:00 to 12:00, but you can reach out anytime and if I'm available, I will certainly help out.

    Have a great day, stay home, and stay safe!

    Mrs. T

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  • 4/14/2020

    Dear Families:

    Assignments for every grade are available; just click on the grade tab to the left.  Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions.  While my office hours are officially 11:00-12:00 today, I'd like to make myself available at any time this week and next as you get used to using these programs.

    Instrumentalists, I'm going to be setting up some assignments for you through SmartMusic and I'll be posting those links in the next day or two under the Instrumental Tabs.

    Please let me know how this goes!

    Joy and Laughter, Mrs. T

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  • 4/10/2020

    Music Students, head on over to the "Interesting Web Resources" on the left side of your screen and explore the links I've provided.  Can you guess which one you'll be using next week?  I've got surprises in store!

    Don't forget, I'm available by phone or email every day (not Monday next week) from 11:00 to 12:00.  I'll probably set up some WebEx sessions for instrumentalists.

    I MISS YOU!!!!

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