• Deer Valley High School's
    CA State Seal of Biliteracy

    The California Seal of Biliteracy recognizes students who have studied and attained proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation. Any student who is proficient in languages other than English can acheive the seal. The requirements are that the recipients have studied the second language a minimum of four years, have a minimum of a B average in a second language, a C average in English and a minimum of 3 on the English SBAC. Graduating Seniors who have acheived the Seal will be recognized at graduation, receive a medal from the state of California, will have the Seal on their transcripts, and can add this skill to their college and job resumes

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    What is the application deadline for 2019 graduation?

    The current application deadline is March 7, 2019

    Who to contact for more information:

    Ms. Castro (room 307)

    Ms. Nevis (room 407)