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SpEd Level II- Clear Credential Single Subject-Geo Physical Science Career Technical Education (CTE) Industrial Arts Credential

Henry James

Welcome to Innovations in Green Technology (IGT) Class

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Monday-Friday, 8:00am-8:30am

Contact Information

Henry “Boots” James

(925) 779-7550 Ext. 40100


Background Bio

  • 7 years at Bank of America
  • 7 years of Commercial Construction experience Lathers Union 68L
  • Interior/Exterior framing / layout using metal studs
  • 18th year at Antioch High School teaching Science & Engineering Courses
    • Earth Science, Biology, Special Education, Introduction to Engineering Design (IED), Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) and Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA), Innovations in Green Technology (IGT)
  • 20 yr. football career/10 years coaching HS & Minor League football, baseball & youth soccer

EDGE Academy- Engineering Design for a Green Environment

Current Course - Innovations in Green Technology (IGT) Class

  • The goals of the Course are:
  • To create energy and sustainability career awareness
  • To develop technical and professional skills for energy and sustainability careers
  • To create an informed citizenry that is engaged in creating sustainable energy systems

Areas of Focus

  • Sustainability & Climate Change
  • Electrical Systems and Energy Production
  • Renewable Energy Sources (Solar, Hydro, Wind, Geothermal, Tidal)
  • Non-Renewable Energy (Fossil Fuels/Nuclear)
  • Green Transportation
  • Water Shed & Public Water Systems




    COURSE TITLE:  Innovations in Green Technology                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

    PREREQUISITE: None                              COURSE LENGTH:  1 year       

    CREDIT:  10                                                

    GRADUATION REQUIREMENT: Fulfills 1 yr. of Science Credit                                                         



    • Innovations in Green Technology is an area D-Lab Science course that will fulfill one of the graduation requirement for Antioch High School students and is designed to meet the California Career Technical Education Standards for the Energy, Environment, and Utilities sector. Students will learn about a variety of topics that introduces them to career opportunities in sustainable STEM fields through a series of projects including: wind turbine design, making biodiesel, creating solar cars, and energy auditing.
    • Students will use group work, laboratories, readings, and projects to reach the learning goals of the course.



    II Course Goals

    Innovations in Green Technology covers many of the concepts that are studied in other related courses. This course focuses on the production of electrical energy from a variety of sources including:

    1. Fossil fuels
    2. Hydroelectric
    3. Wind energy
    4. Solar energy
    5. Ocean current use for energy.

    In addition, the course will cover several NGSS Earth Science standards covering such topics as:

    1. energy from the sun
    2. Meteorology
    3. Water cycle
    4. Carbon cycle
    5. Other natural resources.

    Finally, students will learn about some major environmental problems our world faces including:

    1. Climate change
    2. Water usage
    3. Creating and providing carbon reduced electricity to growing population

    III. TEXTBOOK(s):  No Text is provided with this course and is mostly web based.


    1. Composition Book        2. Pen or pencil.

      Any support from all parents is greatly appreciated.  Please ask the instructor about any specifics such as:  boxes of facial tissue, discarded office supplies, fundraisers, field trips, etc. 



    1. Parents and students must read this syllabus.  The top page will be signed by both, returned to instructor and will be kept on file.
    2. All students present in class are required to participate in the class discussion or activity.  Students are to listen to and follow teacher directions at all times.
    3. Students are to be properly dressed and without hats as described in the student handbook.
    4. Students must bring their notebook, agenda, and school planner to class each day. Parents are strongly encouraged to review the agenda nightly with their student.
    5. Technology is incorporated into the class work.  We will have several internet based research projects throughout the year.  Students will have access to a computer nearly any time between 8am-4pm at the AHS library or Computer Lab.
    6. Students will utilize Notebooks daily to document Q/A’s, sketches, technical drawings, ideas, revisions, etc.
    7. Students are not to bring food, snacks, or drinks into the classroom computer lab area Bottled water is allowed if managed properly.
    8. Avoid absences!  If a student is absent, they are responsible for seeking out their homework for any missing assignments.  You may also check Aeries and download missing handouts, etc.  If a prolonged absence is necessary, work may be requested for pickup from the Registrar’s office via my voicemail or email. 
    9. Late homework will receive a 25% reduction. Meeting deadlines is critical to job evaluations and performance. All exams & projects must be completed



    1. Project activities will require students to work in cooperative groups.  Each student must actively participate in these projects, as each group member will also grade them.
    2. The AUSD Safety Contract Rules must be followed.
    3. Students are required to use the guidelines of the Panther Profile Collaborative Worker.
    4. Students are to be responsible for their own learning.  Be professional at all times.
    5. Cooperation and Peer instruction is expected in group work.
    6. Disagreements are to be handled respectfully.


    Students are to be in their seat on or before the tardy bell rings.

    1. The first tardy will result in a verbal warning.
    2. The second tardy will result in a call home and/or detention/assignment after school.
    3. The third tardy will result in detention.
    4. Additional tardies will result in a referral to their vice-principal


    1) All guidelines for behavior outlined in the AHS Student Handbook will be enforced.

    2) The AUSD Safety Rules and Contract will be enforced. 

    3) Students who are assigned detention must serve it by the end of the next school day.




    1. Grading will be based on mastery of the standards covered in each assignment.
    2. Grades on assignments, projects and tests will be broken down into 5 scoring categories.                                                                             5pts= Advanced                                 4pts = Proficient                3 pts = Met           2 pts = Below Basic           1 pt = Far Below Basic
    3. Semester grades will be based on earned points available in the class.                                                                                                                 A = Advanced                                   B = Proficient                      C = Met                 D = Below Basic                 F = Far Below Basic
    4. Extra Credit is available for a maximum of 100 points and available until 1 week before the end of the quarter.          



                Teacher School Email:

                Classroom Voice Mail:  (925) 779-7550 Ext 40100

                * Quarterly Progress/Report Cards

                * Weekly Progress Reports (Parent Request)