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Welcome to chemistry! Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes matter undergoes. Everything is made up of matter. From the food that is eaten to the human body, chemistry is all around us. Studying the interaction between different substances leads to the development of new substances that can serve a purpose, such as medicines and fertilizers. There are millions of substances in existence and every year, millions more are developed. Chemistry affects every aspect of our world and it is critical to life. Topics covered in the course may include atomic theory, qualitative analysis, acid-base, gas laws, solubility, chemical bonding, periodic table trends, nuclear chemistry, and energy.


Welcome to physics! Physics is the most fundamental of all the sciences. In our natural world, physics helps us to understand the physical interactions between objects. As such, physics plays a role in all the other sciences. From understanding plate tectonics in earth science to catalytic reactions in biology, physics is a common theme. Topics in physics may include the laws of motion, thermodynamics, momentum, mechanics, waves, and electricity.   

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