Smokey, Mrs. Verhoek's cat.

Distance Learning

  • Dear Sutter Students and Families,

    I am so glad you found my web page, and are ready to start Distance Learning. Please check back often as new assignments will be added weekly. Be sure to look at the "Interesting Web Resources" tab on my webpage. It gives you direct links to many of the websites I mention in emails and websites we have discussed and used in the past. :)

    MY OFFICE HOURS ARE EVERY WEEKDAY from 10:00-11:00am except holidays.

    A few things to note:  

    It is up to YOU to make your child’s learning schedule.  Space it out, take breaks, be patient, and please don’t worry if the work doesn’t get completed—we're figuring this out together! If you would like ideas for a schedule please check this website. Please don’t feel like you have to have a schedule.  Please do what works best for you and your child.  


    I have listed Office Hours; however, you are welcome to email me anytime and I will respond as quickly as I can.  This is new for most of us, so there will be a learning curve.  Please let me know if you have questions, concerns, or problems. 

    Remember, we’re in this together!! Stay safe and healthy!


    Julie Verhoek

    P.S. The picture to your left is Smokey, my kitten, saying hello.