• Friday, January 28, 2022

    Finish watching Castle video

    Continue knights text handout

    NO homework

    Coming next week...Coat of Arms Project....

    Thursday, January 27, 2022


    video and notes (click on blue links below)

    Knight video

    Notes for Knight Video

    text handout

    NO homework

    Wednesday, January 26, 2022

    Complete and turn in XL worksheet, sections 2.4 and 2.5

    Continue "Castle" video

    NO homework

    Tuesday, January 25, 2022

    Finish 2.5 text (Lords and Ladies)

    Start (but not finish) XL worksheet, sections 2.4 and 2.5

    NO homework

    Monday, January 24, 2022

    Five word weekend check-in

    Quick review

    Text handout (2.5, Lords and Ladies)

    No homework

    Friday, January 21, 2022

    Continue text handout and annotation (2.3 & 2.4)

    Castle Video

    Thursday, January 20, 2022

    CHARLEMAGNE: view all class acrostics

    Start feudalism


    --text handout (2.3)

    NO homework

    Wednesday, January 19, 2022

    CHARLEMAGNE: Class Acrostic

    --collect information


    NO homework

    Tuesday, January 18, 2022

    CHARLEMAGNE Paired Project

    --work on, complete, turn in

    NO homework

    Monday, January 17: No school--MLK,Jr. holiday

    Friday, January 14, 2022

    complete yesterday's worksheet (side two/Charlemagne)

    start paired Charlemagne project

    Thursday, January 13, 2022

    CHARLEMAGNE: videos/text (p.296-297)/worksheet

    Charlemagne video #1

    Charlemagne Video #2 (Flash warning)

    NO homework

    Wednesday, January 12, 2022

    Text, pages 294-295 (complete and go over)

    NO homework

    Tuesday, January 11, 2022

    Nearpod: Introduction to the Middle Ages

    Music video: 1066/Battle of Hastings


    NO homework

    Monday, January 10, 2022

    Weekend check-in

    Park Way activity

    NO homework

    Friday, January 7, 2022

    No internet at school.

    In-class fun activity

    Thursday, January 6, 2022

    Welcome Back!

    Holiday Check-in

    COVID reminders

    New Personal Business Passes

    NO Homework


    Friday, December 17

    Holiday activity/early dismissal

    Thursday, December 16

    Complete side one of w/s, turn in

    Video: Introduction to feudalism

    Wednesday, December 15

    Vocabulary test results (in AERIEs)

    Text, page 294-295 (After the fall of Rome; Clovis and Christianity)

    Worksheet, side one

    NO homework


    Tuesday, December 14

    Vocab test

    Monday, December 13

    Weekend check-in

    Return Friday's vocab

    LOYALTY/text pages 288-294

    HW: Vocab test tomorrow (ch.11, section1)

    Friday, December 10

    Complete and turn in Ch. 11, section 1 vocabulary

    Medieval Siege video

    Thursday, December 9

    Clean out all old worksheets and notes from book

    START new unit!!

    Chapter 11, section 1 vocabulary

    NO homework

    Wednesday, December 8

    Test results (write in planner)

    Return Rome project. Redo if called for. Due by Monday, Dec.13@ 3 PM

    Review COVID protocols

    NO HW

    Tuesday, December 7

    TEST: 3.1/3.2/3.3

    December 7, 1941

    NO HW

    Monday, December 6

    Weekend check-in

    Review: Constantine is the answer!

    Create study guide for tomorrow's test

    HW: in planner: Test tomorrow on 3.1/3.2/3.3 10 points

    Friday, December 3

    Finish 3.3 worksheet and review it

    Start Medieval Siege video

    EXPECT a test on 3.2 and 3.3 early next week

    Thursday, December 2

    Quick Roman review

    Text, page 37

    Worksheet (sec 3.3)

    NO homework, but expect some sort of test next week

    Wednesday, December 1

    2" x 2" card and review of yesterday's worksheet

    Attila the Hun: analyze picture in book and short video

    NO homework

    Tuesday, November 30

    Turn in Rome project (with DoG certificate)

    Complete and review 3.2 worksheet

    NO homework

    Monday, November 29

    Thanksgiving check-in (written and turned in)

    Rome project review and reminder (due TOMORROW w/DoG)

    Text, page 34-35

    Start worksheet

    Friday, November 19

    Turn in Rome project (name & period on the back at the top)

    Holiday activity

    NO homework, see you on Monday, November 29

    Thursday, November 18

    Rome Project check-in (due tomorrow or Tuesday, Nov. 30 w/ DoG certificate)

    Finish fall of Rome notes

    Finish Coco (finally!)

    HW: Rome Project

    Wednesday, November 17

    Begin fall of Rome notes (pg. 32) on paper created in class y'day

    In planner: Rome Project. Due Friday (Nov.19) OR dog-able to Tuesday, Nov.30

    Receive and review expectations for Rome Project   on bright orange paper)

    HW: Rome Project (see above)

    Tuesday, November 16

    Complete worksheet, do #10 together and turn in

    Create paper for fall of Rome notes

    NO homework

    Monday, November 15

    Quiz grade in planner

    Oral review of the last few sections

    Text, pg.30-31

    Worksheet, #s 1-9

    NO homework

    NO SCHOOL: Thursday November 11 & Friday, November 12

    Wednesday, November 10

    Reading quiz

    Turn in worksheet 2.1/2.2

    NO homework. Four day weekend :)

    Tuesday, November 9

    update anotation notes w/these two words and definitions:

    monotheism: the belief in one god AND polytheism: the belief in many gods

    Text, pg. 26 annotate

    Complete 2.2 worksheet

    HW: reading quiz tomorrow (sections 2.1 and 2.2)

    Monday, November 8

    Weekend check-in

    Vocab test results (in Aeries, not in planner this time)

    Short video about Christianity's start

    Text, pages 24-25

    Worksheet, #s 1-8

    NO homework

    Friday, November 5

    Vocabulary Test


    Thursday, November 4

    Return vocab assignment

    Review vocab words

    Return to text, pg.24 and 25

    HW: Vocabulary test tomorrow

    Wednesday, November 3

    Turn in Ch.1 section2 vocab

    Text, pg. 24 (Origins of Christianity) close reading/notes

    Vocab test on Friday

    Tuesday, November 2

    Chapter 1, section 2 vocabulary (14 words total)

    Start vocab in class, finish at home.

    HW: finish vocabulary. Due tomorrow

    Vocab TEST on Friday


    Monday, November 1

    weekend check-in

    Day of the Dead/Dia los Muertos:

    --video and activity

    Complete and turn in activity at period's end

    NO homework

    Friday, October 29

    Rome: Test results (write grade in planner)

    Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven (Simpson's style)

    NO homework. Be safe this weekend.

    Thursday, October 28

    Rome: TEST

    Roman numerals lesson and w/s

    NO homework

    Wednesday, October 27

    --finish reading section 16 (pg. 23)

    --complete w/s, section 1.6

    --review w/s, sections 1.5 and 1.6

    --get ready for tomorrow's test

    HW: study for tomorrow's Rome test

    Tuesday, October 26

    Complete w/s, section 1.5

    Text, section 1.6 (pg. 23) "art and architecture"

    Study guide for Thursday's Rome test (lavender paper)

    HW: Rome test on Thursday. Use study guide and worksheets to get ready


    Monday, October 25

    Weekend check-in

    Review Ch.1, 1.3 w/s (side two)

    Text, pg. 20-21

    Start section 1.5 w/s

    NO homework, but a test is coming!!

    Friday, October 22

    Review Ch 1, 1.2 w/s (side one)

    IF time allows, video

    NO homework. Expect a test next week.

    Thursday, October 21

    Read remainder of page 16-17 "A booming economy"

    Continue/complete/turn in side two of worksheet

    NO homework

    Wednesday, October 20


    NO homework

    Tuesday, October 19

    Read text, page 16 "imperial Expansion" section

    Complete #s 1-8, side two of w/s

    NO homework


    Complete worksheet, side one (from text, pg. 14-15)

    NO homework

    Friday, October 15

    Textbook, page 14/15

    Worksheet: complete to and through #10

    NO homework

    Thursday, October 14

    Continue annotation (to and through paragraphy 9)/turn in


    NO homework

    Wednesday, October 13

    Continue yesterday's annotation.

    NO homework

    Tuesday, October 12

    Check-in--what'd you do/where'd you go over break?

    Review of classroom procedures and expectations

    Annotate first three paragraphs of Roman Law & Citizenship handout

    NO homework

    Monday, October 11

    No school. Teacher work day.

    Friday, October 1

    --complete and turn in Hispanic heritage project (with or w/o partner)

    Thursday, September 30

    --Hispanic Heritage Month: video and project

    --NO homework

    Wednesday, September 29

    --vocab quiz results (written in planner)

    --Geography of Rome video + notes

    NO homework

    Tuesday, September 28

    --Ch.1, section 1 vocab quiz

    --Geography of Rome video

    Monday, September 27

    --weekend check-in

    --complete primary/secondary source worksheet

    --review primary/secondary source worksheet

    HW: Ch.1, section 1 vocab quiz tomorrow, 10 pts.


    Friday, September 24

    --text pg. 13


    --worksheet in class

    NO homework. Ch.1, sec 1 vocab quiz on Tuesday

    Thursday, September 23

    --intro to what historians do (rubber chickens and other artifacts)

    --text page 12

    That's it. We did not get as far as expected today.

    NO homework. Tomorrow is the last day to take the geography of Europe test if you weren't here.

    Wednesday, September 22

    --complete chapter 1, section 1 vocabulary

    Turn in vocabulary

     Tuesday, September 21

    --TEXT BOOK!

    --vocabulary: how to and start words on page 10

    NO homework

    Monday, September 20

    --weekend check-in

    --test results (write in planner)

    --complete watching video

    NO homework

    Friday, September 17

    --take geography test

    --finish Roman City video

    Thursday, September 16

    --all about tomorrow's Europe geography test

    --Roman City video

    --HOMEWORK: be ready for tomorrow's geography test (15 pts., no retakes)

    Wednesday, September 15

    --take geography of Europe practice test

     --start, but hardly watch any of, Roman City video

    HW: 'real' geography of Europe test is on Friday. Use today's practice test to get ready.

    Tuesday, September 14

    --complete map and questions on w/s

    --do and turn in question 11 on w/s for grading

    HW: Geography of Europe practice test tomorrow.

    Monday, September 13

    --complete filling out map of Europe

    --complete questions 1-5 on the back of list of countries

    NO Homework, but expect a test on the geography of Europe

    Friday, September 10

    --take 'real' world geography test

    --9/11/01 lesson

    NO homework

    Thursday, September 9

    --take practice world geography test

    --start Europe map

    HW: get ready for 'real'(graded) world geography test tomorrow

    Wednesday, September 8

    --grade textbook scavenger hunt

    HW: practice world geography test tomorrow

    the 'real' world geography test is on FRIDAY


    Tuesday, September 7

    --finish textbook scavenger hunt, turn in


    Monday, September 6 LABOR DAY, NO SCHOOL

    Friday, September 3

    --work on Textbook scavenger hunt

    --NO homework.

    Thursday, September 2

    --what to do if you're absent

    --textbook scavenger hunt

    NO homework

    Wednesday, September 1

    --world mapping

    --label world map

    NO Homework

    Tuesday, August 31

    --local mapping with partner

    --turn in

    NO HW

    Monday, August 30

    Weekend check-in

    Latitude/longitude: short video

    Complete and turn in geography w/s (the one w/a '3' in the corner)

    NO homework

    Friday, August 27

    Minimum Day. Fast, no homework

    Thursday, August 26

    --video (finish it)

    --Atlas and worksheet: discuss political maps and do #1 on w/s

    NO homework

    Wednesday, August 25

    --complete (really) and turn in geography w/s

    --video about maps

    NO homework


    Tuesday, August 24

    --return geography of you assignment

    --continue/complete geography w/s

    NO homework


    Monday, August 23

    --Weekend check-in

    --start geography (video, atlas, worksheet)

    NO homework







    Thursday/Friday, May 13/14

    Road trip questions on whiteboard.fi

    HW: NONE (project coming next week :)

    Tuesday/Wednesday, May 11/12

    Car reviews and worksheet

    Due by the end of the day its assigned

    Monday, May 10

    Video and Forms check

    Thursday/Friday May 6/7

    DRIVERS! As in driver's licenses.

    Lesson and worksheet. Due the day it is assigned.

    HW (and in class): Driver's License worksheet

    Tuesday/Wednesday, May 4/5

    A break from the history book to learn about

    Cars and Drivers.


    NO Homework

    Monday, May 3

    Video and Forms reading check

    Thursday/Friday, April 29/30

    AFRICA TEST. That's all.

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 27/28

    Finish Africa 2.4, text page 116 and notes

    Go over what will be on Africa test

    HW: Prepare for Thursday/Friday's Africa test.

    Monday, April 26, 2021

    Video and Forms check.

    Thursday/Friday, April 22/23

    --intro to Africa 2.4 Oral Tradition of Africa

    --really short notes

    --meet with Mrs. Lefler (school counselor) about 8th grade scheduling

    NO homework, but expect a test on Africa next week.

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 20/21

    --continue Africa (2.3 Mali)


    --Ticket Out (show notes, get 5 points)

    NO homework

    Monday, April 19

    --Zombie video and Forms check

    Thursday/Friday, April 15/16

    text,pg 112-113

    HW: Africa 2.2 w/s. Due 24 hours after assigned. First grade of Q4

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 13/14

    Weekend check-in

    Text pg. 111 and notes

    video: https://youtu.be/vWxs7ZV5Ly8

    NO Homework

    Monday, April 12, 2020

    Mansa Musa video and Forms check. Due by 11:59 tonight.

    Thursday/Friday, April 8/9

    Continue text and notes,page 108

    NO HW

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 6/7

    Spring break check-in

    Review: Notes and blooket game

    Text, pg. 108 and notes

    NO HW

    Monday, April 5 NO SCHOOL

    Thursday/Friday, March 25/26

    Check-in; discuss school board's decision on distance learning

    Blooket game on spring break and recent curriculum

    NO homework. Happy spring break, see you April 6th!

    Tuesday/Wednesday, March 23/24

    Intro to salt/gold trade (pgs. 106-107)

    HW: Africa 1.3 w/s due Wed. @ 9 p.m. for Tuesday classes; Thursday @ 9 p.m for Wednesday classes

    ALSO: last chance for Samurai project. See main Teams page for details

    Monday, March 22

    QUIZ: on text pages 104-105

    Thursday/Friday, March 18/19

    --Trans-Saharan trade: whiteboards/text/notes (pg. 104-105)

    NO HW, but Samurai project due FRIDAY, March 19, 2021


    Tuesday/Wednesday, March 16/17

    --Nearpod and notes on pgs. 101-102


    Monday, March 15

    Katherine Johnson video and Forms check

    Thurs/Friday, March 11/12

    --complete Africa map

    TICKET OUT: Africa Map

    Tues/Wednesday, March 9/10

    Roll/check-in and reminders

    Samurai Project (reminder and review)

    Start Africa. Video and notes

    Draw map

    HW: complete Africa video notes.

    Monday, March 8

    Tim and Moby video + Forms check

    Thursday/Friday, March 4/5

    Samurai Project (in Teams notebook and available as paper packet in cafeteria)

    HW: Samurai Project due by Friday, March 19

    Tues/Wednesday, March 2/3

    --Check in.

    --a bit about the next unit (Africa)



    Thursday/Friday, February 25/26

    --complete Japan unit and notes (pg. 256)

    --take test

    NO Homework

    Tuesday/Wednesday, February 23/24

    --guest appearance and presentations by Ms. Lefler and Ms. Ayala

    --begin the end of Japan: notes

    JAPAN test on Thursday/Friday.

    MONDAY Feb., 22.

    Two short Black History in Two Minutes videos & Forms check


    Wednesday/Thursday, February 18/19

    --completed samurai notes (pgs. 252-253 in text and 2 pages in Teams notebook)

    NO HW, but don't forget 4 questions from last week.

    Tuesday/Wednesday, February 16/17

    --Nearpod activity and notes (samurai)


    Week 22: Wednesday/Thursday, Feb 11/12, 2021

    --text and notes, pg 250-251

    --HW: complete Zen Buddhism reading questions (4 questions, 3 pts each)

    Week 22: Monday/Tuesday, Feb., 9/10, 2021

    text and notes, pgs. 246-247

    HW: Japan vocabulary,part two. 15 points.

    Week 21: Thursday/Friday, Feb., 4/5, 2021

    Periods 1/2/3 Student choice: Japan video and Forms check OR Haiku activity (10 pts)

    Periods 4/5/6: Haiku activity (Powerpoint and Haiku assignment in class, solo or w/partner)

    NO HW

    Week 21: Tuesday/Wednesday, Feb.,2/3, 2021

    --text and notes, page 244

    --practice Japanese handwriting :)

    NO homework

    Week 21: MONDAY, February 1

    History of Anime, part II and Forms knowledge check

    Week 19: Thurs/Friday, January 28/29

    Early Japan quiz (in class)

    Use notes from 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 (pages 238-243)

    Week 19: Tuesday/Wednesday January 26/27

    --Japan review and check-in

    --text page 242-243 and notes

    Ticket Out: show notes from today before leaving class

    NO homework

    Week 18: Tuesday/Wednesday, January 19/20

    --text page 238-239 and notes

    NO homework

    Week 17: Thurs.,/Friday, January 14/15

    --start Japan. Review geography.

    --complete Japan vocab part I in breakout room. Due later in same day.

    Week 17: Tues/Wed., January 12/13

    --start Japan. Nearpod and notes. Turn in notes.

    Week 17: Monday, January 11, 2021

    --CNN 10 video news and knowledge check. Due by 5 p.m. Today.

    Week 16: Thurs/Fri.,Jan 7/8

    Current events. Democracy. Discussion and videos.

    Week 16: Tues/Wed., Jan 5/6

    --Check in. Review document: Distance Learning & Communication Guidelines (posted on class main Teams page)

    --Assignment: Letter to 2021. To be completed in class.

    Week 15: Tues/Wed.,Dec. 15/16

    --Medieval Unit test tomorrow. To be posted around 1 p.m. Study guide posted on Monday.

    --we finished the unit. Textbook pgs. 318-19 and notes.

    HW: get ready for the TEST!!!!

    MONDAY, Dec. 14,2020

    Medieval Unit Study Guide 12/15/20

    take poll/give your opinion on what unit we should study in January

    What we did in class: week 14 Thurs/Fri., Dec. 20/11

    read pages 314-315 in text and took notes (see main Teams page)

    watched music video about the plague (!)


    HW: reading check due by Friday night for periods 1/2/3 (earlier for extra credit)


    What we did in class: week 14 Tues/Wed., Dec. 8/9

    watched a video about the Magna Carta


    Particpated in a Nearpod presentation about the Magna Carta



    MONDAY, December 7

    --watch video and take knowledge check. See main Teams page for links.

    What we did in class: Week 13: Thurs/Fri., Dec. 3/4

    reviewed Catholic church hierarchy (the triangle from our notes)

    watched video about the conflict between King Henry IV & Pope Gregory VII



    took notes on a T-chart about their argument.

    Ticket Out assignment

    What we did in class: Week 13: Tues/Wed., Dec. 1/2

    Thanksgiving check in

    Start Medieval Church: video & notes (video link below)


    What we did in class: Week 12:Thurs/Fri., Nov 19/20

    Coat of Arms check-in (and extension)

    Ch. 11, sect. 2 vocab (p.292). Required words attached on document.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving break. See you on December 1!

    What we did in class: Week 12: Tues/Wed., Nov 17/18

    Coat of Arms project check-in

    Text, p. 304-305 + Notes

    HW: Manor System Reading Check (based on today's text & notes) due Thursday @ 5 p.m.


    Monday, November 16

    --vocab quiz (ten words from p.292)

    DUE by 5 p.m.

    What we did in class: Week 11: Thurs/Fri.,Nov. 12/13

    --text, pg.300-301 + notes

    --periods 4/5/6 Coat of Arms project (in Teams notebook) Notes given on 'nuts & bolts' of project.

    --Due for periods 4/5/6: Friday, November 20 by 5 p.m.

    What we did in class: Week 11 Tuesday, Nov. 10 (NO SCHOOL on Wed.Nov. 11--Veteran's Day)

    Coat of Arms Project: due Tuesday, November 17 by 5 p.m. In Teams notebook in 'projects'

    --two parts. One part creating/drawing; one part writing/explaining.

    --notes taken in class. Any questions, contact Ms. Stephenson

    Monday, November 9

    Short Knight videohttps://video.link/w/lM3xb

    Forms understanding check (13 points)

    What we did in class: Week 10, Thurs/Fri., Nov. 5/6

    Teams notebook: knights


    NO HW

    What we did in class: Week 10, Tues/Wed. November 3/4

    --read the rest of Western Europe 2.2 (in class notebook)

    --participated in Nearpod all about feudalism, land, and the Battle of Hastings.

    video in Nearpod: https://youtu.be/bQ8A5gRe_Dw

    Monday, October 2: Independent work. Video and knowledge check. Due by 5 PM today!

    What we did in class: Week 9: Thurs/Fri October 29/30

    --read page 294 in text and Western Europe 2.2 (in class notebook)

    --took notes on the above.

    --NO HOMEWORK. BE on the lookout for a MONDAY assignment.

    What we did in class: Week 9: T/Wed October 27/28

    intro to the Middle Ages with Nearpod

    HW: Ch.11, sec 1 vocabulary,page 292 Ten words, ten definitions this is the first assignment for quarter 2

    DUE: Wednesday @ 5 pm (for Tuesday class) DUE: Thursday @ 5 pm (Wednesday class)

    MONDAY, October 26-Independent Work

    --complete reading quiz, based on section 1.3 of text  DUE At the end of the day for all classes.

    -->this quiz is the LAST assignment before report cards.

    NO you can't make up any work you haven't done.

    What we did in class: Thursday/Friday, October 22/23 (week 8, day two)

    --attempted to review day Rome reading notes (HW on T/W)

    --watched and participated in Nearpod about Ancient Rome's legacy

    --no HW

    What we did in class: Tues./Wednesday, October 20/21 (week 8, day one)

    --read pages 16-17 in text (1.3, Growth and Trade)

    HW: Rome reading notes, 1.3 in class notebook. due by start of class on Thurs. for T/Th classes; by start of class on Friday for W/F classes.



    What we did in class: Thurs/Friday, October 15/16 (week 7, day two)

    --watched video & filled out questions in class notebook


    Assignment: complete Forms quiz about Augustus and the Pax Romana, using notes taken in class. DUE Friday for T/Th classes; Saturday for W/F classes.

    What we did in class: Tues/Wed., October 13/14 (week 7, day one)

    Read pg.13 in text and took notes (bias and how history changes over time)

    rec'd Pandemic Timeline Project (due: Thursday for T/Th classes; Friday for W/F classes)

    --->What we did in class: Thurs/Friday, Oct. 8/9 (week 6, day 2)

    Book check (7th grade history book)

    Studying the Past-What historians do + notes (done in chat)

    Three short videos. 1) https://video.link/w/qdamb

    2) https://video.link/w/wgamb


    HW: Chapter 1 vocab--10 words from page 10


    What we did in class: Tues/Wed. Oct. 6/7 (week 6, day 1)

    class notebook: Rome/Republic in Crisis (notes/vocab)

    Nearpod activity for review

    Assignment: Sixth Grade Rome Reading Check posted at 2 p.m.






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