• What we did in class: Thurs/Friday, October 15/16 (week 7, day two)

    --watched video & filled out questions in class notebook


    Assignment: complete Forms quiz about Augustus and the Pax Romana, using notes taken in class. DUE Friday for T/Th classes; Saturday for W/F classes.

    What we did in class: Tues/Wed., October 13/14 (week 7, day one)

    Read pg.13 in text and took notes (bias and how history changes over time)

    rec'd Pandemic Timeline Project (due: Thursday for T/Th classes; Friday for W/F classes)

    --->What we did in class: Thurs/Friday, Oct. 8/9 (week 6, day 2)

    Book check (7th grade history book)

    Studying the Past-What historians do + notes (done in chat)

    Three short videos. 1) https://video.link/w/qdamb

    2) https://video.link/w/wgamb


    HW: Chapter 1 vocab--10 words from page 10


    What we did in class: Tues/Wed. Oct. 6/7 (week 6, day 1)

    class notebook: Rome/Republic in Crisis (notes/vocab)

    Nearpod activity for review

    Assignment: Sixth Grade Rome Reading Check posted at 2 p.m.






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