• Monday, May 24

    Monkey Talk video and Forms check


    Thursday/Friday, May 20/21

    Buying a car PROJECT (15 points)

    Periods 1/2/3 due: Monday, May 24

    Periods 4/5/6: due Tuesday, May 25


    Tuesday/Wednesday, May 18/19


    NO HW

    Monday, May 17

    two question poll

    Thursday/Friday, May 13/14

    Road trip questions on whiteboard.fi

    HW: NONE (project coming next week :)

    Tuesday/Wednesday, May 11/12

    Car reviews and worksheet

    Due by the end of the day its assigned

    Monday, May 10

    Video and Forms check

    Thursday/Friday May 6/7

    DRIVERS! As in driver's licenses.

    Lesson and worksheet. Due the day it is assigned.

    HW (and in class): Driver's License worksheet

    Tuesday/Wednesday, May 4/5

    A break from the history book to learn about

    Cars and Drivers.


    NO Homework

    Monday, May 3

    Video and Forms reading check

    Thursday/Friday, April 29/30

    AFRICA TEST. That's all.

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 27/28

    Finish Africa 2.4, text page 116 and notes

    Go over what will be on Africa test

    HW: Prepare for Thursday/Friday's Africa test.

    Monday, April 26, 2021

    Video and Forms check.

    Thursday/Friday, April 22/23

    --intro to Africa 2.4 Oral Tradition of Africa

    --really short notes

    --meet with Mrs. Lefler (school counselor) about 8th grade scheduling

    NO homework, but expect a test on Africa next week.

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 20/21

    --continue Africa (2.3 Mali)


    --Ticket Out (show notes, get 5 points)

    NO homework

    Monday, April 19

    --Zombie video and Forms check

    Thursday/Friday, April 15/16

    text,pg 112-113

    HW: Africa 2.2 w/s. Due 24 hours after assigned. First grade of Q4

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 13/14

    Weekend check-in

    Text pg. 111 and notes

    video: https://youtu.be/vWxs7ZV5Ly8

    NO Homework

    Monday, April 12, 2020

    Mansa Musa video and Forms check. Due by 11:59 tonight.

    Thursday/Friday, April 8/9

    Continue text and notes,page 108

    NO HW

    Tuesday/Wednesday, April 6/7

    Spring break check-in

    Review: Notes and blooket game

    Text, pg. 108 and notes

    NO HW

    Monday, April 5 NO SCHOOL

    Thursday/Friday, March 25/26

    Check-in; discuss school board's decision on distance learning

    Blooket game on spring break and recent curriculum

    NO homework. Happy spring break, see you April 6th!

    Tuesday/Wednesday, March 23/24

    Intro to salt/gold trade (pgs. 106-107)

    HW: Africa 1.3 w/s due Wed. @ 9 p.m. for Tuesday classes; Thursday @ 9 p.m for Wednesday classes

    ALSO: last chance for Samurai project. See main Teams page for details

    Monday, March 22

    QUIZ: on text pages 104-105

    Thursday/Friday, March 18/19

    --Trans-Saharan trade: whiteboards/text/notes (pg. 104-105)

    NO HW, but Samurai project due FRIDAY, March 19, 2021


    Tuesday/Wednesday, March 16/17

    --Nearpod and notes on pgs. 101-102


    Monday, March 15

    Katherine Johnson video and Forms check

    Thurs/Friday, March 11/12

    --complete Africa map

    TICKET OUT: Africa Map

    Tues/Wednesday, March 9/10

    Roll/check-in and reminders

    Samurai Project (reminder and review)

    Start Africa. Video and notes

    Draw map

    HW: complete Africa video notes.

    Monday, March 8

    Tim and Moby video + Forms check

    Thursday/Friday, March 4/5

    Samurai Project (in Teams notebook and available as paper packet in cafeteria)

    HW: Samurai Project due by Friday, March 19

    Tues/Wednesday, March 2/3

    --Check in.

    --a bit about the next unit (Africa)



    Thursday/Friday, February 25/26

    --complete Japan unit and notes (pg. 256)

    --take test

    NO Homework

    Tuesday/Wednesday, February 23/24

    --guest appearance and presentations by Ms. Lefler and Ms. Ayala

    --begin the end of Japan: notes

    JAPAN test on Thursday/Friday.

    MONDAY Feb., 22.

    Two short Black History in Two Minutes videos & Forms check


    Wednesday/Thursday, February 18/19

    --completed samurai notes (pgs. 252-253 in text and 2 pages in Teams notebook)

    NO HW, but don't forget 4 questions from last week.

    Tuesday/Wednesday, February 16/17

    --Nearpod activity and notes (samurai)


    Week 22: Wednesday/Thursday, Feb 11/12, 2021

    --text and notes, pg 250-251

    --HW: complete Zen Buddhism reading questions (4 questions, 3 pts each)

    Week 22: Monday/Tuesday, Feb., 9/10, 2021

    text and notes, pgs. 246-247

    HW: Japan vocabulary,part two. 15 points.

    Week 21: Thursday/Friday, Feb., 4/5, 2021

    Periods 1/2/3 Student choice: Japan video and Forms check OR Haiku activity (10 pts)

    Periods 4/5/6: Haiku activity (Powerpoint and Haiku assignment in class, solo or w/partner)

    NO HW

    Week 21: Tuesday/Wednesday, Feb.,2/3, 2021

    --text and notes, page 244

    --practice Japanese handwriting :)

    NO homework

    Week 21: MONDAY, February 1

    History of Anime, part II and Forms knowledge check

    Week 19: Thurs/Friday, January 28/29

    Early Japan quiz (in class)

    Use notes from 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 (pages 238-243)

    Week 19: Tuesday/Wednesday January 26/27

    --Japan review and check-in

    --text page 242-243 and notes

    Ticket Out: show notes from today before leaving class

    NO homework

    Week 18: Tuesday/Wednesday, January 19/20

    --text page 238-239 and notes

    NO homework

    Week 17: Thurs.,/Friday, January 14/15

    --start Japan. Review geography.

    --complete Japan vocab part I in breakout room. Due later in same day.

    Week 17: Tues/Wed., January 12/13

    --start Japan. Nearpod and notes. Turn in notes.

    Week 17: Monday, January 11, 2021

    --CNN 10 video news and knowledge check. Due by 5 p.m. Today.

    Week 16: Thurs/Fri.,Jan 7/8

    Current events. Democracy. Discussion and videos.

    Week 16: Tues/Wed., Jan 5/6

    --Check in. Review document: Distance Learning & Communication Guidelines (posted on class main Teams page)

    --Assignment: Letter to 2021. To be completed in class.

    Week 15: Tues/Wed.,Dec. 15/16

    --Medieval Unit test tomorrow. To be posted around 1 p.m. Study guide posted on Monday.

    --we finished the unit. Textbook pgs. 318-19 and notes.

    HW: get ready for the TEST!!!!

    MONDAY, Dec. 14,2020

    Medieval Unit Study Guide 12/15/20

    take poll/give your opinion on what unit we should study in January

    What we did in class: week 14 Thurs/Fri., Dec. 20/11

    read pages 314-315 in text and took notes (see main Teams page)

    watched music video about the plague (!)


    HW: reading check due by Friday night for periods 1/2/3 (earlier for extra credit)


    What we did in class: week 14 Tues/Wed., Dec. 8/9

    watched a video about the Magna Carta


    Particpated in a Nearpod presentation about the Magna Carta



    MONDAY, December 7

    --watch video and take knowledge check. See main Teams page for links.

    What we did in class: Week 13: Thurs/Fri., Dec. 3/4

    reviewed Catholic church hierarchy (the triangle from our notes)

    watched video about the conflict between King Henry IV & Pope Gregory VII



    took notes on a T-chart about their argument.

    Ticket Out assignment

    What we did in class: Week 13: Tues/Wed., Dec. 1/2

    Thanksgiving check in

    Start Medieval Church: video & notes (video link below)


    What we did in class: Week 12:Thurs/Fri., Nov 19/20

    Coat of Arms check-in (and extension)

    Ch. 11, sect. 2 vocab (p.292). Required words attached on document.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving break. See you on December 1!

    What we did in class: Week 12: Tues/Wed., Nov 17/18

    Coat of Arms project check-in

    Text, p. 304-305 + Notes

    HW: Manor System Reading Check (based on today's text & notes) due Thursday @ 5 p.m.


    Monday, November 16

    --vocab quiz (ten words from p.292)

    DUE by 5 p.m.

    What we did in class: Week 11: Thurs/Fri.,Nov. 12/13

    --text, pg.300-301 + notes

    --periods 4/5/6 Coat of Arms project (in Teams notebook) Notes given on 'nuts & bolts' of project.

    --Due for periods 4/5/6: Friday, November 20 by 5 p.m.

    What we did in class: Week 11 Tuesday, Nov. 10 (NO SCHOOL on Wed.Nov. 11--Veteran's Day)

    Coat of Arms Project: due Tuesday, November 17 by 5 p.m. In Teams notebook in 'projects'

    --two parts. One part creating/drawing; one part writing/explaining.

    --notes taken in class. Any questions, contact Ms. Stephenson

    Monday, November 9

    Short Knight videohttps://video.link/w/lM3xb

    Forms understanding check (13 points)

    What we did in class: Week 10, Thurs/Fri., Nov. 5/6

    Teams notebook: knights


    NO HW

    What we did in class: Week 10, Tues/Wed. November 3/4

    --read the rest of Western Europe 2.2 (in class notebook)

    --participated in Nearpod all about feudalism, land, and the Battle of Hastings.

    video in Nearpod: https://youtu.be/bQ8A5gRe_Dw

    Monday, October 2: Independent work. Video and knowledge check. Due by 5 PM today!

    What we did in class: Week 9: Thurs/Fri October 29/30

    --read page 294 in text and Western Europe 2.2 (in class notebook)

    --took notes on the above.

    --NO HOMEWORK. BE on the lookout for a MONDAY assignment.

    What we did in class: Week 9: T/Wed October 27/28

    intro to the Middle Ages with Nearpod

    HW: Ch.11, sec 1 vocabulary,page 292 Ten words, ten definitions this is the first assignment for quarter 2

    DUE: Wednesday @ 5 pm (for Tuesday class) DUE: Thursday @ 5 pm (Wednesday class)

    MONDAY, October 26-Independent Work

    --complete reading quiz, based on section 1.3 of text  DUE At the end of the day for all classes.

    -->this quiz is the LAST assignment before report cards.

    NO you can't make up any work you haven't done.

    What we did in class: Thursday/Friday, October 22/23 (week 8, day two)

    --attempted to review day Rome reading notes (HW on T/W)

    --watched and participated in Nearpod about Ancient Rome's legacy

    --no HW

    What we did in class: Tues./Wednesday, October 20/21 (week 8, day one)

    --read pages 16-17 in text (1.3, Growth and Trade)

    HW: Rome reading notes, 1.3 in class notebook. due by start of class on Thurs. for T/Th classes; by start of class on Friday for W/F classes.



    What we did in class: Thurs/Friday, October 15/16 (week 7, day two)

    --watched video & filled out questions in class notebook


    Assignment: complete Forms quiz about Augustus and the Pax Romana, using notes taken in class. DUE Friday for T/Th classes; Saturday for W/F classes.

    What we did in class: Tues/Wed., October 13/14 (week 7, day one)

    Read pg.13 in text and took notes (bias and how history changes over time)

    rec'd Pandemic Timeline Project (due: Thursday for T/Th classes; Friday for W/F classes)

    --->What we did in class: Thurs/Friday, Oct. 8/9 (week 6, day 2)

    Book check (7th grade history book)

    Studying the Past-What historians do + notes (done in chat)

    Three short videos. 1) https://video.link/w/qdamb

    2) https://video.link/w/wgamb


    HW: Chapter 1 vocab--10 words from page 10


    What we did in class: Tues/Wed. Oct. 6/7 (week 6, day 1)

    class notebook: Rome/Republic in Crisis (notes/vocab)

    Nearpod activity for review

    Assignment: Sixth Grade Rome Reading Check posted at 2 p.m.






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